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Brief History
Discover the rich history of this ancient study.

The Planets
Learn more about each of the heavenly bodies.

The Elements
Understand the four elements and the zodiac signs they rule.

The Three Qualities
Each sign of the zodiac is assigned to one of three qualities.

The Twelve Sectors
Different areas of your life and personality are influenced by the planets.


Jupiter is known as the planet of good fortune. It expands opportunity and the benefits within the house it is visiting. This fortunate planet also rules wealth and solid, financial and material gain.

Additionally, Jupiter brings vision, faith, optimism, loyalty, justice, confidence and wisdom. Jupiter paints a broad picture and makes you want to think big.

Think about this: take all the planets in the solar system except the Sun, which is really a star, and put them together. Jupiter is physically larger than all those other planets put together. That's why we call Jupiter the expansive planet. This is the Great Benefactor.

Jupiter allows us to philosophize and find a higher meaning or purpose in the sector it visits. It encourages reflection, study, and the attainment of higher education. Since long-distance travel is a factor of the education sector, having Jupiter in your sign may inspire you to travel far and wide, or much more frequently than usual.

Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius. This happy planet takes twelve years to circle the zodiac. Each sign gets its blessings for one full year.

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