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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your December Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here is your Year Ahead 2015, all 12 signs about 3 minutes each in length. Make sure you click on your rising sign as well, for it is equally as important as your Sun sign (you would have had to have your chart done in order to know your rising sign).

Scorpio Forecast for December 2014

By Susan Miller

The big news of the month is that Saturn, the disciplinarian planet that first moved into Scorpio in October 2012, is about to leave your sign on December 23! This is the best news you could hear this year, for you have had a no-frills life from Saturn for quite a long time. Indeed, life is about to change for the better, dear Scorpio, and when it does, it will happen almost instantly.

It is true that Saturn will retrograde back to Scorpio for a very short period mid-year, from June 14 to September 17, 2015, spanning thirteen weeks. Most Scorpios are finished with their tour of boot camp, but the Scorpios who will feel this return of Saturn back to Scorpio will be those with birthdays that fall from November 20-21. We never feel Saturn the entire three-year period that he orbits a sign, only when Saturn orbits within a certain tolerance from the degrees of your Sun. That means we each get ten months of Saturn. If I named your birthday, realize that you have already had seven months of tutoring from Saturn, so it is unlikely you will face any new challenges. In fact, I feel you will use those months to tie up loose ends. We all get ten months of Saturn's direct attention - he is very fair and even handed, even though his methods are a bit tough.

Once you reach September 17, you will be done with this trend. Saturn will not return until 2041, decades from now. Because Saturn takes 28.5 years to circle the Sun, it's easy to see that we only get two or three visits from Saturn to our sign in a lifetime. The last time Saturn was in Scorpio, it was 1983 to 1985. Each time Saturn returns, the experience becomes easier, as Saturn has already taught you many life lessons and so you would have less to learn.

In the past three years, Saturn limited your movements and forced you to concentrate on goals. Saturn teaches that we value the accomplishments that we worked the hardest to achieve, and that virtually nothing of value in life comes for free. Saturn likely asked you to prioritize your dreams and to make sacrifices to make them realized. Often when we have Saturn in our sign we feel isolated and alone - that feeling will lift now. Saturn is known to take away your usual sources of support to see if you can stand on your own two feet independently.

I remember when I had Saturn on my Sun, I had a broken my left thigh bone, and because I cannot be operated on due to my birth defect in that causes life threatening hemorrhaging, I had to sit very still, and recovery took a lot of time. Soon after my injury, my trusted assistant of six years, Deb, announced she had a fabulous job offer in Santa Monica, and would be moving to California immediately to take it. In fact, her new employer was picking up her moving expenses. I was so happy for Deb - she was looking at an entirely new life, and one where her skills would be put to good use. It was time for her to spread her wings.

At the same time, I was sad and wondered how I would be able to keep things going in the office without her. Training another person would be out of the question while my femur was in two pieces - the thought of all that was happening was overwhelming. I live alone, and could hobble a little on crutches, but not far. I had a huge brace on the leg to hold the bone in place that extended to high on my hip. I had Saturn on my Sun, as you have had over the past two years, so I thought about my situation - I nodded to myself. Yes, this is how Saturn works - Saturn isolates. This is how things are supposed to be. Saturn also brings fear, and we are expected to conquer that fear - it is part of Saturn's training. Once you do, and you succeed, you feel like Hulk.

Saturn teaches that we can do things that we assume we could not possibly do, and in the process we become stronger. Oddly, Saturn also tends to bring health difficulties while touring the sign, and that fit me too. (If you too have recently been plagued with a health concern, that situation will now improve. Be careful to follow doctor's orders from mid-June to mid-September 2015 to prevent flare up.) That spring, I did not get a new assistant (I asked myself, who could replace Deb?) but somehow kept the business running and my writing continuing in the interim by myself. It was a tough period, but I powered through it, as no doubt you have done, too.

During the past two years, you were asked to choose a goal that would help you stabilize your life. You may have decided to get married, or have a first baby. If you are young, you may have rented your first apartment, and if you are older, you may have purchased your first house or condo. Alternatively you may have gone to graduate school, defended your thesis, wrote a book, opened your own business, or took on the big promotion. If you always felt in the shadow of a very successful sibling or parent, you may have moved across the country or to a foreign country abroad to allow you to create your own identity and success. Think back to where you were two years ago, and compare to where you are now - you are now more mature, with a greater aura of authority and confidence. Your accomplishments are impressive, dear Scorpio.

Saturn always leaves a gift by the door when he leaves, but never sends a reward during the tutoring process. All the magical career success I see for you (keep reading please, you'll see below) might be the reward Saturn has for you. The reward may be spiritual or material, in terms of love, career, or in any other realm. Certainly better health seems very likely for you now. When your reward shows up, you will know it - you will not scratch your head and say, "I wonder, could this be it?" You will know. I am not sure if you will get your reward now (very possible) or after Saturn leaves for good, after September 17, 2015. One way or another, that reward for dealing earnestly with Saturn's vigorous demands are on the way. Yay!

Saturn has to go somewhere, and so it will go into Sagittarius. Let me assure you that literally nothing can be as hard as what you just went through. When a big planet like Saturn is on one of the angles of a chart (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth houses), it exerts the strongest influence - the planet is akin to a wild horse. Those angle points mirror the points on a compass, and those points define direction. Take this moment to be happy. I will get into your coming trend in your January report. In the meantime, fill your glass of champagne and toast yourself, dear Scorpio. You did very well, indeed.

Now let's turn to your exciting career prospects that are popping up in your garden like big bright red-orange Amaryllis flowers. When the Amaryllis blooms, those flowers look like they have happy faces that grow as big as dinner plates. Those pretty flowers reminded me of how beautifully your career is about to bloom too. You have had very exciting career aspects over the past month, and all indications have been if you were about to change jobs, the position you are interviewing for would not represent a lateral move, but a big step up in status, responsibility, and power.

In December, your professional luck continues. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now ensconced in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, is giving you the best career luck in over a decade to help you make your mark in your industry. No doubt about it, you have the best aspects of any zodiac sign for a career victory between now and August 2015. Do not settle for any old position - the universe wants to reward you with something special for all your years of working hard and smart. If you are self-employed, you will do just as well as those who work in big companies, for you now can bring in prestigious clients.

Your best day this month for an interview or presentation, or to sign papers, will be when Jupiter in Leo, now touring your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, will signal the Sun in the most harmonious way possible - on December 14, a Sunday. In this case, mark down a day that comes earlier, December 12, a Friday, as your best. (Few people can negotiate on a Sunday.) Always work with an aspect BEFORE it peaks, so in this case, set your meeting for Friday, December 12. It's a glorious day, because Jupiter, the good fortune planet and the planet that rules Scorpio's second house of salary, will send Mercury, ruler of all agreements, a "trine" aspect, which is an aspect of supreme good fortune. If you can't have your meeting on December 12 (my favorite day), then set it for the day prior, December 11.

The new moon in Sagittarius that appeared last month on November 22 may have opened talks about salary. If so, you seem to be able to settle that question and one about perks and benefits by the full moon this month, December 6. (All full moons have a plus four days of influence, so the answer should come no later than December 10.) Last month that new moon had a prominent conjunction to Saturn, and because Saturn tends to constrict all it touches, I wrote last month that you might not be able to get as much salary as you would want. This month's full moon, December 6, will be especially sweet, getting a shimmering beam from Uranus, so you may be very surprised, in a very positive way, about the side benefits you can get, such as health care and vacation days, which may be generous and impressive.

You have such dazzling aspects for career advancement, and Jupiter is a big part of the reason I am so optimistic about your outlook. Jupiter will continue to work for you through August 11, 2015. February 3 brings an important full moon in your fame and achievement career sector, so talks may be leading to that full moon. Great jobs take time to be awarded, and the holidays this month might slow things down. Mercury will be retrograde from January 21-Febraury 11, but if someone from your past has triggered this job opportunity, there is no reason to be concerned - proceed. If it is a new job opportunity, not generated from anyone from your past, then see if you can drag things out a little for 8 days until Mercury is direct. Having said that, a good job is hard to find. If you can't space things out, then just take it!

Be wait! Let's say as you read this, nothing I have said "fits" for you. Let's say that you don't have any salary talks going on, and you don't have a new job opportunity, at least not yet. This full moon December 6, plus or minus four days, will finalize a financial matter. At this full moon you may make an important, expensive purchase, and also be paying off bills. Knowing you, the sign so smart about finances, you are busy meeting with your accountant and taking advantage of any last minute legal tax advantages as you can find.

Yet at this full moon December 6 (influential plus or minus four days), I feel it's likely you will see money come in too. You may get a surprise bonus, commission, or a payout from an insurance company. An inheritance that has been wrapped in legal delays may finally be paid. If you are in the process of a divorce, you may now agree on the division of property. No matter what the source, when the money arrives, you will say it showed up as a surprise, out of the blue. With a full moon in Gemini, a sign of twins, you may get TWO checks you didn't expect. Dear Scorpio, I can hear you laughing and saying, "Bring it on!"

A lot of new emphasis is being focused on where you live in coming weeks. Mars, your secondary ruler, will light your sector of home and family from December 4 to January 12. You have two new moons due soon, one January 20 and one February 18 that will further emphasize this area. You may be moving, changing roommates, buying furniture, renovating, or hosting guests, as a few examples. Or, a member of your family, most likely a parent, will be very much on your mind.

If you need a stellar day to look at new spaces, or to act on any home or family-related matter, your first wonder-day will be December 4, when the Sun and Uranus will work together flawlessly. Ironically, the Sun rules your fame and honors sector, while Uranus rules your home sector. Could you be moving house to take advantage of a new job opportunity? Or, will you give your home an upgrade due to your rising status and income? Time will tell! Uranus brings the unexpected (and this time, it's all good), so you won't have to wait long to find out.

On December 20, you have another wonderful day for news concerning real estate, home, or family, when Mars, your ruler, will work with Uranus. Again, home, property, and work goals will be given a golden beam of energy and luck out of the blue. If you hoped to find the right apartment to rent or need to sell a house you own (or your family owns), you may hear from a buyer out of the blue - and the bid will be the right one. See how this works out. (This may happen on or near December 4 instead.) The point is, when it comes to home-related actions that you need to take, you are luckier than a leprechaun this month.

There's more! Uranus, which rules Scorpio's fourth house of home, has been retrograde since July 21, but will go full speed ahead on December 21. This suggests that if you have been unsure about when to finally move forward on a major real estate plan, or to come to a decision about what, exactly, you want to do about your living situation, you will now find options and workable solutions after December 21. Uranus is not due to retrograde again for many months, so you are now have only blue skies ahead. This month you also have the element of luck on your side, so browse, investigate, collect estimates - do all you think you might need to do and put it all in a file to use after Uranus goes direct. You will start to see a lot of energy bubbling up from December 18 to 24.

While we are on the topic of December 24 (just listed above) do all you can to avoid doing anything important on this day. Mercury rules travel but will be in bad angle to Uranus, the planet of surprise. Murphy's Law will be in effect - if it can happen, it will happen - and when it does, none of it will be pretty. You may be confronted with many delays, whether you drive, take the rails, or fly. It may be that rough weather will cause your frustrations, but with Uranus, the problems that come up are always ones you'd never have thought possible. Do not sign any papers on this day - I can't think of a worse day - and try to keep space between this day and the day you sign. I suggest December 27 or 30 as potentially better days to sign. If you are heading home for Christmas, leave two or three days early, not on Christmas Eve.

You may be traveling later this month (likely, after all it's the holidays), and I say this because the new moon in Capricorn, 0 degrees, will appear on December 21. This new moon will be VERY powerful, because it will fall in the critical 0 degree of a cardinal sign (Capricorn). No less than FIVE heavenly bodies will stack up in your third house of quick travel, so I cannot imagine you staying home. Your sister or brother will figure prominently in family news - you may want to check in to catch up.

This house also rules contracts and agreements, so alternatively, instead of traveling, you may be looking over papers to sign instead. If your lawyer were working, you would want to show her the contract first to see if any clauses should be adjusted or omitted. This new moon will be exceptionally powerful, for it will arrive at the critical 0 degree of a cardinal sign (Capricorn). Neptune will be nicely angled to this new moon, so if you work in a creative field, this new moon will give your career and artistic project a big boost.

If your birthday falls on October 23, or within the four days that follow that date, you will be assisted in an outstanding way by this new moon. Every Scorpio will feel the power of this new moon, however. A 0 degree of a cardinal sign is likened to the power of the life force - it's huge. If you have your natal chart, have a look at it by checking the legend so you can understand the little hieroglyphics inside the wheel. Look to see if you have any planets at 0 degree in Scorpio, have Scorpio rising at that degree, or planets in the signs that get along well with Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Also see if you have any planets at that 0 degree in Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus. In all cases allow a plus or minus four degrees. If any of these rules apply, you will have a very active month!

Romance this month appears to be linked to travel. Venus will go into Capricorn, a sign that blends well with yours, on December 10, and remain there until January 3. Perfect! This ensures fun over the holiday season. With that crowd of five planets, including Venus, your second ruler, Pluto, Mercury, the new moon and the Sun entering your travel sector December 21, it appears a trip, taken for a day, a weekend, or the entire ten days at month's end, would be the best way to fan the fires of love. With your career on fire, bring your cell phone and computer too, as someone may be trying hard to reach you, and it could be the job of your dreams.

New Year's Eve will bring the transiting moon to Taurus, so let your partner make all the plans. Chances are, you'll like them very much. No partner? You may meet someone at a party you are invited to that is located just out of town. Or, with the strong emphasis on your home in December, you may invite friends over to show off your flair for entertaining. Everything about 2015 shows me you have a far better year ahead than the one you just went through, dear Scorpio! Ring in the New Year with confidence - you've walked the gauntlet and you proved yourself to be strong, resilient, resourceful, and wise. Celebrate!


You are considered one of the savviest financial signs of the zodiac, so it's not so unusual to see you doing important tax planning at this time of year. You will be motivated to do so by the full moon on December 6. This is an outstanding full moon, full of luck and unexpected bonuses, for both Jupiter and Uranus will work together to see that you come out ahead. You will also be able to settle accounts, rethink recurring obligations, and generally get your year-end finances in shape. If you wanted to buy yourself something expensive (or for someone you love), you will do it at this time.

Your home may be on your mind too, with unexpectedly good news about property or family over December 4-6, 12-14, and over the weekend of December 20-21. (Although it is unlikely you will negotiate over December 24, if you get the opportunity, don't. Put off the meeting, as Mercury will be in hard angle to Uranus, making signing important papers a no-no, and adding difficulties to travel too.

Mars' entry into your house of home and family on December 4 suggests you will start to have noise in your home - could that be due to a sudden desire to move furniture in an effort to find a more pleasing arrangement? Or would this simply mean that you would welcome plenty of visitors? These options are not mutually exclusive, so you may have both situations. Uranus, the modern planet that strikes like lightning when it has news, has been going retrograde since July 21, but will suddenly change to direct speed December 21, and all home-related plans will suddenly start to move forward, fast.

As you get closer to the holidays, you seem to be ready to pack your bags and go. You will have five friendly heavenly bodies in your short trip sector, so your yen to leave town will be irresistible. Neptune in your love sector (fifth house) will send beautiful messages to the Sun, new moon, and Mercury, suggesting you'll be inspired by those you meet and will unwind simply by having a change of scene. Romantically, travel will fan the fires of love, and even one night at a charming bed and breakfast will energize an ongoing relationship. If not dating, a change of scene may help you find new love.

The third house where this buildup of planets is found rules your sibling, so you may be doing something special with your sister or brother. You may be planning a surprise for your parents, or going into business together in the coming year. At the very least, check in and find out your sibling's news.

The third house also rules writing and contracts. With half the solar system crowded into your third house, it is also possible that you may be working on a writing assignment as the year winds down to a close. If it is a creative project, rather than a factual documentary, you will have plenty of inspiration from Neptune, encouraging your originality and creativity from your fifth house of artistic expression. You can get a lot done, so while you are in the flow, keep going.

In terms of a contract, you may be pressured to sign quickly. Make sure you show the papers to your lawyer first, as Saturn (lessons learned and the ruler of those five planets in Capricorn) will be in hard angle to Jupiter, possibly lowering profits. The contract may need to be adjusted to take care of your lawyer's concerns. When it comes to signing contracts, never allow anyone to rush you. Mercury is not retrograde, so you can sign, but only after your lawyer gives you the green light.

Dates to Note: SCORPIO

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions Scorpio: 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20-22, 26, 27, 30, and 31.

From December 4 to January 12, 2015, Mars will move into Aquarius and focus your attention on home and family. You will be very productive and can make much progress.

The full moon in Gemini, on December 6, spotlights your financials. You may get two checks because this full moon is in the sign of twins, and at the same full moon, you may pay people you owe. You may get a large bonus, commission, or a check not from work, but stemming from a source that you never expected would pay you.

Uranus will dispute with Pluto on December 15, a disruptive aspect. Do not sign papers on this day - wait until December 26 or 27.

The December 21 new moon in Capricorn will encourage you to travel and also may bring legal paperwork for you to sign. It's a good time to make an agreement if you have shown your lawyer the contract first to see if any changes are required. This same full moon will put your sister or brother in the spotlight - be sure to check in with your sibling.

Fabulous dates for home-related matters are December 4, 5, 12-14, and 20.

An out of this world career date will be when Jupiter and the Sun trade courtesies, December 14. That's a Sunday, so make your meeting for Friday, December 12.

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