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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

Cancer Forecast for September 2014

By Susan Miller

September is neatly cut down the middle in two parts, with two very different themes, thanks to Mars, for the red planet will change signs on September 13. Your first half of September will be more social, and the second half crazy busy at work with too much to do, and too little time to get it all done. You are a master at controlling work schedules like that at the office, so while others may run around like Chicken Little proclaiming the sky is falling, you stay calm and find ways to keep the work moving forward and ready to ship. Let's look at this month a little closer.

Mars has been in your true love sector, your solar fifth house, since July 25. Normally that would bring on a highly romantic time, perfect for meeting new people to date. If attached, you might have had more fun with your partner, for Mars was coaxing you to get out more and lighten up. However, Saturn - the planet that wants you to concentrate on work - was also in that same romantic sector, and that was a bit of an astrological oxymoron. How can you have fun when Saturn, the zodiac's boot camp master, was telling you to work, work, work and not take a moment to play? With Saturn in your house of true love, children, and creativity, you had obstacles to finding and enjoying love.

Here are some examples. You may have met someone interesting who lived a far distance from you. Or, the person may not have been fully available, say, because he or she was still technically married or still pining over a particularly bad breakup. Or, the person you are intrigued with may have had a demanding job, one that required a lot of travel out of town, or is a medical resident with very tough hours, working day and night at the hospital. You get the idea. Finding ways to be together was very hard to do. Not only has Saturn trained his attention on your love relationship over the past two years, and Mars since the end of July, but the eclipses did too, since November 2012. That is a LOT of attention and energy being focused on this one area of your chart, and all related to the object of your affections, and your focus on pregnancy or a child you have now. If you want a baby, you may have had to put off the start of your family for a number of reasons, for Saturn is known to cause delays, so that requires patience.

The wonderful news I have for you is that Mars is about to leave your fifth house of true love on September 13. As I said earlier, usually having Mars in this house is an enormous plus, but you had a complicated setup, and when Mars gets cranky, he tends to cause disagreements between you and your partner. When Mars is near Saturn, the frustration grows, as Mars says, "Go!" and Saturn says, "Wait, not so fast - wait! Be cautious!" Saturn would always win arguments between Mars and Saturn, because Saturn is the slower moving planet and stays in a house longer to hammer home his message. You may have been pulling your hair out. It IS good news that Mars is leaving now, and that means one less difficult planet in your romantic / baby / child house.

Next month, you will have a friendly new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, October 23, in the same romantic house I have been speaking about, and that may open up your social life too. Because eclipses are the most powerful instigators of change possible, you may see quite an uptick in your popularity! Believe it or not, there are friendly eclipses, and this one will be the friendliest one of 2014. I will write more about that eclipse in detail next month, but suffice to say, I feel you will like the results of all that happens socially at that time.

More good news! Saturn will finally leave your romantic sector on December 23, 2014, after more than two years of tutoring you in lessons in love. You will not miss him! If you had problems getting pregnant, this departure of Saturn will also be cause for hope. Go to a fertility specialist soon, but plan to make your most important initiations in 2015, after Saturn has fully left. It is true that Saturn will retrograde back into this same romantic / baby sector on June 14 to September 17, 2015, a period of thirteen weeks, but those weeks will go by quickly and you will barely notice them. You should not schedule any in vitro periods for those months, however. Overall, however, this is your year (2014) to finish up wrangling with Saturn, so come year-end of 2014, for all practical purposes, you will be done, and your love life can flourish again.

As if that were not enough fantastic news, Pluto, the ruler of your fifth house of true love, has been retrograde and in weak position since April 14. Happily, Pluto will turn direct September 22, and you will know, within a day or two of this date, where you stand in regard to a love relationship or in regard to one of your children or a pregnancy. Again, Pluto will begin to turn on the power, so that's MORE good news. When you get a confluence of happy little planets saying the same thing, that's very significant, so you have solid reason to be optimistic.

The full moon in Pisces, 16 degrees, will light your house of long-distance travel, so you may be heading to the airport, very possibly to come home after being away for a week (or much longer), as full moons bring completion and closure. If you have to initiate a new trip at this time, you will travel far, but be home quickly. If you work in the media, or publishing, or broadcasting, you will finish up an important project and all will go well - this full moon is a sweet one, with a golden beam from Pluto. This indicates a powerful partner or collaborator will be helpful to you. Or, you may want to take a quick trip with your romantic partner for a private getaway - so in that case, look for a travel package that is too good to pass up, and choose a gorgeous place near water.

Neptune will be prominent too at this full moon, so any artistic project you do at this time should go exceedingly well - be sure to show it off to influential people. If you work on projects that deal in facts and figures, then Neptune may act like a little gremlin, so be careful about accuracy, and be sure you have all the facts to work with at the time.

If you are a Cancer born within four days of July 8, have Cancer rising within five degrees of 16 degrees, or have a natal planet at 16 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you will benefit too from this tender and beneficial full moon. This will be an important one for you. If you have been sad because conception has been difficult, see if your cycle can work within five days of this full moon September 8, for it offers some hope. I have addressed conception quite a bit in your report this month because it is the number one question I get over and over.

The new moon of September 24 will brighten your solar fourth house of home, and this tells me something very special is about to happen there. Do you have a home-related plan you want to put into action? This new moon is very powerful because it arrives at 1 degree of a cardinal sign, said to align with the quintessential life force of the universe. Whoa. It does not get any more powerful than that, does it? You can now locate a new place to live and get ready to move house, or to call the contractors and get estimates for doing a remodeled kitchen or bath. You can get furnishings and rugs cleaned and repaired, or do any sort of changes that have been on your mind but not had time to do. This would be an ideal time to begin. Venus will enter your home sector too on September 29, so invite people who you have not seen in a while and show off your cooking skills.

Mercury will be retrograde from October 4 to October 26, so the whole month will be somewhat slow, and not a time to launch an important new venture. You will encounter delays, and there is not much you will be able to do about it. Mercury will slide backward in your home sector, so you need to be more alert regarding activities taking place there. For example, if you are getting a furniture delivery, plan to be there yourself rather than have a neighbor or babysitter let the deliveryman into your house. You will need to check the piece to be sure there is no damage, for if you wait until later to find any nicks or damage, you may have problems saying the furniture was marred during shipping. No one will believe you. You'd have to point out the problem immediately, not later, or the company will suppose you created the damage yourself.

Mercury retrograde can be helpful, however, if you are working on an ancestry project and delving into your family's history. The very nature of Mercury retrograde is to go back and investigate. If you want to look at old photographs and arrange them in scrapbooks or acid-free boxes, October would be the right time to do so. If you have an older relative you always loved, visit that person, and ask about this person's childhood and how the neighborhood where he or she lived has since changed. Older people have a wealth of information to share, and all you need to do is ask.

Now I come to one of the loveliest days of the month, and possibly of all of 2014 - September 25. It's a standout of a day, worthy of five stars, and as rare, as it will be a dazzler for your career and money. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in your second house of earned income, will receive a direct, shimmering beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, in your solar tenth house of career honors, awards, achievement and fame. On September 25, you may score a big professional victory, and have a surprising influx of unexpected cash to boot. Take this day seriously, as it will not be like any other day you've seen in years. You can help things along by using this day for a big presentation, interview, or other major career event. You may want to launch a new website or send out a press release on a recent victory. This day is due to be valuable - you'll see!


July and August were busy for you, so now, in September, you will be ready to take a break. Distant cities beckon, and you seem to want to hop a plane and go. Why not? The Harvest Moon in Pisces, a full moon, full of power and light, will shine brightly in your house of distant and foreign locations, coaxing you to pack and go. Choose a location that is near water, and make your trip not too strenuous - you will want rest and a leisurely pace, not something too frenetic. Full moons finish things up, so you may be returning home, but again, you'll be smiling and happy with all that transpired. Make your last night in the city special, and build a memory.

If you cannot travel at this time, it may be that you are getting ready to go back to the university for an advanced degree, and by this full moon, you'll be ready to move into campus housing to get settled. This would represent an adventure of a different sort than you would experience if you were traveling to foreign shores, but will be no less exciting. With Jupiter in your financial house, you are, or soon will, receive excellent compensation at work, giving you options you didn't have before to travel far and wide, to study at the university, or take on other big goals in life.

Mars will brighten your fifth house of true love until September 13, so circulate socially during early September. If single, you will have a good chance of meeting someone new who is quite intriguing. Still, you may have been frustrated by the frequent separations that you have had to face, through no fault of your own. Your love may have had to be temporarily relocated in a distant office to complete a work assignment, or has worked long hours in your own city, such as the way a medical student or young lawyer would be expected to do.

It's alternatively possible your love is still attached to an old love, and that your sweetheart is taking quite a bit of time to recover and move on. This may cast you in the odd role of helping your love forget the past and learn to trust again. If this is the case, before you can bolt the door closed on that chapter, you will need to use delicate finesse. Saturn's presence may have delayed plans to have a child - if that is the case, when Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 23, you won't see a reason to wait any longer.

The new moon, September 24 will be in Libra and allow you to set up a plan for a better living situation, or to find ways to be assistance to your mother or father. This new moon suggest a new path is about to open up, and that you will be able to find solutions to old problems that have until now defied a solution. Housing and care for a family member may have been an ongoing, persistent concern for you ever since Saturn entered this sector in October 2012. Now, with this new moon, you may be able to find new ways of dealing with the situation that permits movement and possible resolve.

If you can act on any solution you like now, in September, your timing would be ideal, as next month, Mercury, the objective planet of communication, contracts, and negotiation, will go retrograde, from October 4 to 26, never a time to set new plans into motion. We will also see two eclipses, October 8 and 23, which are powerful and may shift your priorities. It appears your career will take your full attention as a result of the eclipses, so while you can act on home-related matters, make your choices now.

Wear your favorite outfit to work on September 25, when all eyes will be on you and everyone will be applauding you! Exciting news is due to come suddenly, thanks to an exceedingly rare aspect between Jupiter (gifts and luck), now in your house of financial wealth and earned income, and Uranus (surprises) currently touring your tenth house of career, honors, and prestige. When news comes, it will arrive like lightning, be completely unexpected, and make you very happy. Jupiter often brings a rich reward for past performance, so if you have worked hard and smart, you can be sure a VIP noticed. You will likely have many reasons for celebration - it will be clear that when it comes to career, you've done everything right. You were smart to work hard with blind faith that someday you would be recognized and lauded. It seems that time will come now, in September.

Dates to Note: CANCER

Most important dates for love, meetings or actions: 4, 8, 11, 12, 16, 22, 26, and 27.

The first half of the month you will do quite a bit of travel, especially during the Harvest Moon weekend on September 6-8. Try to take your trip now before Mercury goes retrograde next month from October 4 to October 25. That Harvest Moon will be in Pisces, a great place for you - you may be traveling for romantic reasons.

If you need to move to a new address, be sure to view spaces after the new moon September 24.

You career may bring a dazzling offer on September 24, one with status and generous salary. Be sure your cell phone will be powered up.

If you feel your relationship has become too predictable or lost its direction, the change of Pluto from retrograde to going direct should help put zest in it after September 22.

You may now begin to travel greater distances for your work, more than you have over past months, due to the presence of Mars in your sixth house from September 13 to October 25.

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