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Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

September is neatly cut down the middle in two parts, with two very different themes, thanks to Mars, for the red planet will change signs on September 13. Your first half of September will be more social, and the second half crazy busy at work with too much to do, and too little time to get it all done. You are a master at controlling work schedules like that at the office, so while others may run around like Chicken Little proclaiming the sky is falling, you stay calm and find ways to keep the work moving forward and ready to ship. Let's look at this month a little closer.

Mars has been in your true love sector, your solar fifth house, since July 25. Normally that would bring on a highly romantic time, perfect for meeting new people to date. If attached, you might have had more fun with your partner, for Mars was coaxing you to get out more and lighten up. However, Saturn - the planet that wants you to concentrate on work - was also in that same romantic sector, and that was a bit of an astrological oxymoron. How can you have fun when Saturn, the zodiac's boot camp master, was telling you to work, work, work and not take a moment to play? With Saturn in your house of true love, children, and creativity, you had obstacles to finding...

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