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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your October Horoscope by Susan Miller

As a Cancer you have a very high emotional intelligence. You are highly sensitive to the feelings of others and to events that happen around you. You can tell instantly when someone is sad, but won't say a word about it, and you gently move in to see if you can help. These qualities are what we find so lovable about you, but these qualities - you are acutely sensitivity to the world - are also those that make sudden change so difficult to absorb. You appear to have been in the process of enormous change for years now, and last month, you may have heard about more shifts happening in your career.

Last month you had a lunar eclipse at the very pinnacle part of your chart, September 27, which may have brought about news of changes in your career. Your tenth house was activated, which is the house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame house. The ancient astrologers referred to this house as the house of dignity, for it was the place in the chart that reflected how you would be perceived by your industry and community, and how the world at large views your contributions. If your birthday falls early in the sign, on or within four days of June 27, you felt the effects of that eclipse directly. (The same was true if you have Cancer rising or a natal planet in Cancer at the same degree.) This eclipse was mild compared to others in the Libra-Aries family that have come by every six months since April 2014, but even a mild eclipse will often require some adjustment to surprise changes and shifts. The job of an eclipse is to push us forward. If we tell the universe it is not a convenient time to progress, the universe lets out a deep, baritone belly laugh. If you did not feel the September 27 eclipse, and your birthday falls near June 27, then you may hear...

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