Astrology Zone the TV Show with Susan Miller

Tune into Susan Miller’s newest monthly 20-minute TV show. To keep the show lively and vibrant, Susan does not go sign by sign, but instead gives you a bird’s eye view of the current month. She lists all the headline news first, then goes into detail about why those dates will be important to you. You will always know your happiest, most favorable days to make your biggest initiations.

Sprinkled through her shows, Susan adds facts about astrology to help you learn how it all works. Her show is meant to accompany your monthly and daily horoscopes to give you a greater depth of understanding of how upcoming aspects might affect you and used to your advantage.

Tune in anytime, at your convenience, with free global access 24/7. Susan’s show is now also available on Amazon Prime to view on your computer, other digital devices, and on your smart TV at home.

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