My Personal Natal Chart by Susan Miller


Your own decorative print



All your own planetary data in one decorative print designed for display and framing. All charts are calculated by using your personal day, month and year, city of birth, and the exact time of your birth. (If you don’t know your time of birth, we will use 6:00 a.m. or Sunrise for your birthday, a standard practice with astrologers). Are you shy about having visitors to your home or office see what year you were born? You can opt to delete the year from your print edition. (Of course, we do need you to give us the year of your birth to make your chart.) Once you know your Rising sign (also called your Ascendant), found on your custom natal chart, you should read not only your birthday Sun sign forecast, but your Rising sign forecast too. Get your free monthly horoscope forecasts from Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone® You have a choice of 6 colors and 4 formats. The chart you receive will be yours for life, as your natal chart does not change. We use the Placidus-Tropical chart system.

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  • Your own decorative print