Find out about your personality
through your handwriting



Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? Now you can have it analyzed by a pro, Sheila Kurtz, who has written several books on the subject and worked with the New York City Police Department to solve crimes, including the Son of Sam case. She frequently talks with the FBI and CIA. I’ve known Sheila for many years, as she is a personal friend. I was at her house when reporters from established publications like Forbes would call to ask her questions. Sheila Kurtz is the real deal. I urged her to do a service for my Astrology Zone® readers, and we have been working on this idea for two years, and now it’s ready for you.

Sheila will ask you to write out a certain paragraph she designed to see the range of your handwriting. You will see that paragraph on her site when you transfer from my site to hers, (there is a button for your convenience(.  After you are done, you will take a photo of the paragraph you wrote on your smartphone and send it to her. Sheila will analyze 44 different factors of your writing. For $40 you will get a 3-5 page personal report of your handwriting. Don’t worry if your penmanship is not great—many people don’t have clear handwriting.

You will be surprised at how accurate the report will be about your personality. If you have someone on your list who has everything, this makes a great holiday gift.