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Written March 16, 2020:

You have been writing to me because you have been understandably anxious about the length of time you will be dealing with the coronavirus. Certainly, Italy—and especially Milan and Venice—and China, South Korea, Iran, France, Germany, and Spain and have been hit hard. People all over the world are united in combating this enemy. It is now starting to hit my country, the United States, too, and our authorities are instructing us about what we must do. I live in New York City, Manhattan, and it is eerily quiet, with schools, museums, movie theatres, Broadway and off-Broadway theatres, gyms, restaurants, bars, and shops closed. We are told to shelter within, and we are all doing our part.

I have given the coronavirus much thought and have a forecast for you:



By Susan Miller

First, this crisis is brought to you by Pluto, a powerful planet that deals with huge financial matters, masses of people—and viruses. This year, Pluto in Capricorn will be traveling in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn within six degrees in a rare, once in 13-year meeting in the same signs. Jupiter is usually a jovial, generous planet, but in this case, Jupiter is compounding the problem. Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches, whether that brings more good fortune or more not-so-good-fortune depends on the conditions. In other words, Jupiter amplifies what Pluto reveals and wants to multiply, and few planets can multiply anything it touches faster than Jupiter.

Pluto and Jupiter, both slow-moving planets, are traveling within close, significant degrees to each other all year. Jupiter is spreading the virus that Pluto has uncovered, and both planets are spreading the virus exponentially. As said, Pluto and Jupiter are in Capricorn, and Capricorn rules, among other things, older people. Scientists say that older people, appear to be more susceptible to this virus than others.

Pluto and Jupiter meet every 13 years. We don’t have a deadly virus every 13 years, of course. Pluto searches for a problem to bring to our attention. If Pluto (or Mars for that matter) finds nothing important to show us, we sail through that period easily.

Typically, when Jupiter and Pluto conjoin, they bring great financial prosperity, for this aspect is usually a signature of success. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mick Jagger, Martha Graham, Robert DeNiro, and Mohandas Gandhi among other celebrities, have this conjunction in their birth charts.

The transiting conjunction of these two planets are considered extraordinarily lucky. I do feel prosperity will follow after this crisis is over. I feel the measures governments all over the world will institute will work well in time and that prosperity will return fairly quickly once we overcome the coronavirus.

Jupiter and Pluto will meet three times this year, 2020, before spinning off in their separate directions in deep space. You don’t have to be too stuck on the following dates as Jupiter and Pluto are traveling all year within six degrees, which is what astrologers call “within orb” or, said another way, will be within the area of mathematical significance.

First, Jupiter and Pluto will meet on April 4, when both planets will be very strong and influential.

Jupiter and Pluto will meet a second time when both are retrograde on June 30 (late June 29 in America), so at that time both planets will be weak. (For those interested, Jupiter will go retrograde from May 13 until September 12. Pluto will retrograde from April 25 to October 4. Even though they will be retrograde, they will remain incredibly close in orbit.)

The last time Jupiter and Pluto will meet will be on November 12, and again, both will be incredibly strong.

This tells me that the virus will be raging in the spring, especially in March, April and first half of May, but become weak in the summer starting in June. The virus will calm down so much that many people might assume the COVID-19 is gone. I don’t believe this will be the case. Like a snake hiding in the grass and bushes, the virus will lie dormant, only to strike again in September through all of November, and possibly extend as far as mid-December.

What makes this year’s orbit of Jupiter and Pluto different is that Saturn, the planet of karma, will orbit with them both all year in a highly unusual three-some tight orbit. The scientists say that our misuse of the earth’s resources and lack of proper stewardship of our planet have led to an imbalance that encourages deadly viruses to surface. They also say that we were due for a pandemic, as it has been a little over 100 years that we have seen one this big, and that one, which is the closest type virus to coronavirus, was the Spanish Influenza of 1918.

I looked back at the Spanish Influenza of 1918, which was severe, infecting more than one-fourth of the world’s population. I almost fell of my chair to see that in that year, 1918, Pluto and Jupiter were also orbiting tightly together, just as they are now, in 2020. You can read about it by googling Spanish Influenza of 1918. At that time, the medical community and scientists didn’t know as much about how viruses proliferate as we do now and also didn’t know to limit social interaction. World War I was still raging, and the soldiers were living in cramped, tight spaces, which we know now that this assemblage of soldiers fostered widespread illness and death. Close interaction of large numbers of people (Pluto, ruling masses of people) worked to spread the deadly virus rapidly. (Pluto is also associated with death, so this virus is no joke.) We know better now, the reason we must follow the advice of the doctors to the letter.

I know you might be as upset to hear that we might be coping with this virus until December 2020, so this tells me that you should not assume the coronavirus will be over quickly. We must adjust to this state of “a new normal.” I admit that could be wrong about the precise timing of the virus—it might be shorter. I hope I am wrong and that the virus will end in short order. Still, the mathematical cycles of Jupiter and Pluto suggests we must not check every minute to see if it is gone. This is a very virulent virus that will take time to leave.

Italy is ruled by Gemini, for June is the month the citizens celebrate the unification of Italy. Gemini rules the lungs, so that’s why Italy has been hit so hard—this virus attacks the lungs. In the US, we are ruled by Cancer (our birthdate is July 4, 1776), and there exists some controversy among astrologers about the correct rising sign of America. Some say it is Sagittarius (as is put forth by the so-called “Sibley” chart), but I am convinced that America has Gemini rising. In that case, the US must be just as vigilant as Italy to combat the virus. It sounds like our authorities are taking the extreme measures that are necessary.

All we can do is to take one day at a time and listen to the news. We all need to follow the advice of the medical authorities, for doing so will be a matter of life and death. Not only must we remain healthy with nutrition and lots of sleep, but we must do so for the sake of the people we love: our immediate families and relatives (especially grandparents), friends, neighbors, communities, for our country and the people of the world. It is a virus that is teaching us we are all interconnected in the brotherhood of man, and that we must treat others with the same tenderness, care, and respect that we would hope others would treat us.

I believe in the power of prayer, and I feel if we all pray, God will listen and move to help us. My father’s side of the family immigrated to New York from Italy, and my mother’s side from Germany, so I feel special closeness to readers who live in those countries. The journalists in the US report on a daily basis the state of the suffering of those living internationally, so we are very aware of your condition, and we pray for you. Someday, this will be behind us, and we will all appreciate life in a new and lasting way.

For now, call your relatives and friends often—hearing your cheerful voice and perhaps talking over Skype or Facetime will mean so much to each of those in your circle who are quarantined within. Everyone will need kindness and compassion.

I have one last thought: Jupiter is strongly involved in this aspect, and Jupiter not only expands what it touches, but Jupiter is also considered the planet of miracles. Albert Einstein once wrote, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” He said he chose the latter. I do, too. Jupiter in his current position throughout 2020 will be capable of creating the miracle we all need. Have faith, dear reader.