Susan Miller Stars


Susan Miller Stars

An NFT Collection

Launch Date August 1st, 2022 at 8:26pm EDT



Here’s a peek behind the scenes of Susan and her team creating the NFTs, a process that took 6 months.
The video is 35 seconds.

Susan Miller Stars members get VIP access to Susan.

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“This isn’t any NFT collection. It’s your ticket to become part of a very special community… We are going to be having special events, raffles, video conferences, different activities that we’re still planning that will allow you into this small group so that you can get more from astrology. It’s something you’re going to want to be a part of”. -Susan Miller

I am so excited to tell you about a project I have been working on for months—my own astrological NFT Collection called Susan Miller Stars. I am always looking for ways to bring you fresh experiences, and this is a big one for it will bring us all into the magical world of Web 3. Building a community of Astrology Zone readers has always been an endearing mission and desire.

In December 1995 when I started Astrology Zone and was licensing my work to Time Inc’s Pathfinder site (in pre-AOL days), I offered a message board for my readers. 

I stopped offering a message board for Astrology Zone when Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram appeared. Now I can create my own community—one that is more private and intimate than what has been available and be in an environment that we can control. On the Astrology Zone Discord server, you can speak with each other and find out if other members have had experiences similar to yours, due to a certain planetary transit or eclipse, as two examples.

Each piece of art in my NFT Susan Miller Stars collection will sell for $199.00. You can purchase one or more—whatever you like, for yourself, or for gifts for friends or family.

When you purchase the NFT on my website, you can use a credit card—you don’t have to buy any cryptocurrency first to get one. If you decide to sell your NFT, you will create a crypto wallet and the process is simple. We will get into the topic of cryptocurrency next month. For now, let’s go slow and easy.

By acquiring one NFT portrait of any sign, you will have more access to me than you can with traditional social media platforms because you will have access to a Discord channel exclusively available to Stars owners. 

In summary, readers who have a Susan Miller Stars NFT will be able to enter into the private, premium VIP events that I am planning (in Web 3, this is referred to as the “utility” of the NFT).

You will find yourself within the magical world of Web 3.

What is an NFT? 

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” a unit of digital ownership. (Said another way, it is a digital asset that you own and control.)

When you purchase a Susan Miller Stars NFT, the copyright of the image is licensed to you for as long as you own the NFT. Once you own it, you can use it in any way you’d like. NFTs are collectibles. Think of them like the collectible Beanie Baby toys when you were little, or baseball cards or movie star cards your parents used to collect, found in packs of bubble gum.

In my collection, there are 12,000 pieces of art, all illustrations of women and men. We offer 1,000 images per zodiac sign, each one unique and individual, with no one image exactly like another.

I chose the brilliant French fashion illustrator, Izak Zenou to be the artist for this project. (You can see Izak’s work on Instagram or on my annual calendars that sell out each year.) Each image of the NFT has five layers of art and color—I found this all fascinating—and each image is unique and individual. 

All of the images capture the aspects of each sign. The team met in my apartment every week for months as the project progressed.

Here is an important point: 

When you buy a Susan Miller Stars NFT, you are sailing into an Aquarian universe of randomness. You cannot choose the artthe machine will choose one of 1,000 NFT digital images within that Sun sign for you.

You CAN direct the machine to choose an NFT image from the collection within your zodiac sign or rising sign (or any other sign). It is a random process, just like Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler. You cannot pick the image (digital asset) to buy at the onset, but later on OpenSea ( you can sell or buy images—and those you can see, because by the time the images reach OpenSea, they are already authenticated in the blockchain and secure.

Any image you buy will allow you into the VIP gated Astrology Zone community—the painting does not have to look like you!

If you want to sell your NFT, we advise you to do it properly, within the confines of national and international Federal and copyright laws. We recommend you go onto, the world’s largest and most respected NFT marketplace, to make certain that your NFT purchase is authenticated and in your name in the blockchain.

Like anything else, some images will become more popular (valuable) than others, and a seller may post a higher price in the collection—the owner has the right to charge what they like.

Just to make one point clear: You will initially buy your NFTs from the Susan Miller Stars Collection on my Astrology Zone website with a credit card, but later, after you are the owner of the NFT, should you want to sell it, you would then offer it for sale on

For the selling process, you will need more information, and we will have an expert named David Weinstein on my Discord channel (#astrologyzone) to help you with what you need to know about NFTs and crypto.

On Discord, we have our own server and our own community—it feels softer, warmer, and more intimate than being on traditional social media. It is also quite organized. I have always wanted a place for us to gather together, and now technology allows us to have a wonderful place to hang out. Everyone in the world who loves astrology and reads my work is invited.

That was our first baby step to provide the benefit of owning one asset of the Susan Miller Stars NFT collection. There will be more steps in my master plan as we go along. We will go slowly because there’s lots of interesting information to learn. We are entering new territory with new words and ways of thinking. I am eating this up with a spoon!

How and Why Astrological NFTs are as Authentic as Possible

At the onset, I supplied Izak with written descriptions of each sign’s facial qualities that I had researched. Ancient astrologers described the facial characteristics of the signs. Why did they do that? In Mesopotamia, around 2,400 BC in Babylonia where astrology was born, people only knew an estimated time of birth because they used sundials. There were no clocks. To better know a child’s rising sign, which is based on the precise time of birth, the ancients described in writing the various facial characteristics of each of the 12 rising signs. This way, parents knew what to look for as the child grew up.

I knew that with my esteemed artist Izak Zenou, I would have to communicate with visuals. Art is Izak’s currency of communication. I also wanted to do my own do empirical research to see if the ancient descriptions of the 12 signs held up—many did

I began looking up celebrity faces for each of the signs—men, women, actors, celebrities, sports stars, and leaders in government. I covered all ethnicities. I had to verify each person’s birthday to be sure of each person’s sign.

I studied the faces and found cohesive threads that ran through all 24 categories (12 signs x 2—1 man and 1 woman per sign). For example, I kept finding that Virgo and Capricorn men loved beards. Pisces women, as a whole, loved red lipstick. Within each group, I summed up what I found that typified that sign for men and women.

I emailed Izak 900 images, about 35 to 40 images for each of the 12 signs for men and women (24 categories in all). That was the “scrap” I sent to Izak and to the rest of the team who was monitoring the process. (Scrap is the word that many artists use to refer to the visuals they use to inspire their own interpretations of the subject matter.) Izak never copied any of the photos I sent for his paintings—I simply showed him the thread that ran through the physical description of each sign as inspiration. All of Izak’s designs are original and unique.

The scrap I sent Izak helped to spark his incredibly beautiful creative images. Later, when I examined the results, I changed the artwork in some cases to a different sign if I felt it was more appropriate for another sign.

Izak’s profound knowledge of current designer runway styles also played a big part in the paintings, even though we were showing a face with only some shoulder view. He never reproduced an image twice—they are all individual originals!

Here’s what I found fascinating: Sometimes I would want to closely examine the face. When I would enlarge the painting on the computer screen to come in close, Josh, our Creative Director, and I were stunned. The closer we enlarged the NFT Izak had created on the computer screen, the more beautiful the face became, and it worked for male as well as female faces. Most artists cannot stand up to that kind of scrutiny. When you get your own NFT from my Stars collection, take a look for yourself—come in close, and you will see what I mean.

I kept an eye on the work to make sure it is as inclusive as possible—and that was part of the fun of the project.

I have always looked for ways to give you fresh, new experiences. Learning about NFTs and the blockchain will be exciting. My technology partner, David, will answer your most advanced crypto, NFT, and blockchain questions on a separate channel within my Discord #astrologyzone server, which is our community. If you want to learn more about the NFT world or Discord, you can find videos on YouTube that you might like.

Fashion designers, artists in the music industry, and sports stars have embraced this technology, and I want you to be part of it, too.

I never thought I would feel the same excitement I initially felt back in 1995 when I started my website. It was the birth of the Internet, and learning about the Internet was thrilling. I couldn’t get enough of it.

In many ways this step is even more exciting for you and me and the rest of our Astrology Zone community because we get to discover Web 3 together.



The purchaser of each Susan Miller Stars non-fungible token (“NFT”), upon the purchase of such NFT (either in the primary or secondary markets), will, and is hereby irrevocably and perpetually transferred, granted, and assigned, all rights, title and interest, of every kind, nature or description solely in such NFT and solely within the context of such NFT, throughout the Universe, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised (“Assignment”). For purposes of clarity only, such Assignment shall expressly not include any and all right, title and interest in the name Susan Miller and/or any and all of Susan Miller’s trademarks, service marks, and other tangible or intangible property of Susan Miller and/or any and all of her companies, whether owned in whole or in part by Susan Miller and/or any of her companies.

Any subsequent purchaser of each such NFT shall acquire all rights contained in such Assignment on the same terms as set forth above. To the extent that any purchaser of any NFT uses the NFT in any merchandise and/or in any and all other exploitations of such NFT, then, immediately upon such purchaser’s sale of such NFT to any subsequent purchaser, the selling purchaser shall immediately cease and desist from, and shall cause the removal of, any and all uses, in any media, format, product, or otherwise, of such NFT created and/or caused to be created by such selling purchaser during the term in which such selling purchaser acquired rights in such NFT.