"This is your ticket to become part of a very special immersive community. From special events, video conferences, exclusive platforms and VIP activities, you will have access to me and your astrological journey like never before. It's something you're going to want to be a part of".

-Susan Miller

Susan Miller Stars

An Astrology Community
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I am thrilled to present my own Astrological community called Susan Miller Stars! I am always looking for ways to bring you fresh experiences, and this is a big one for it will allow me to build a community-one that is more private and intimate than ever before. Creating this community with Astrology Zone readers has always been my passionate mission and desire.

There is a limited number of memberships which means a limited amount of access. Each membership comes with a piece of digital art and there are only 1,000 art pieces available for each astrological sign. Each piece of digital art in my limited edition Susan Miller Stars collection will sell for $199.00. You can purchase one or more—whatever you like, for yourself, or for gifts for friends and family.

All included in the price of the membership, you will receive access to an exclusive Discord community where you can interact directly with me, a resellable collectible digital art piece, as well as invites to VIP Astrology Zone events. You can also ask me questions directly, twice a month, during my AMAs (Ask Me Anythings).

On Discord, we have our own server and our own community—it feels softer, warmer, and more intimate than being on traditional social media. It is also quite organized. I have always wanted a place for us to gather together, and now technology allows us to have a wonderful place to hang out.

Izak Zenou has an inimitable way of telling emotional and graceful stories for high-end brands like Chanel, Lancôme, Celine, Sephora, Estée Lauder, le Printemps — to name but a few. More than any other, his 20+ year work for Henri Bendel on 5th avenue has shown every facet of his branding talents — from traditional prints to murals or windows, and from product decor and designs to artist in residence events.

Adopted by prestige magazines from day one of his career — from Vogue, Elle, Self, Marie Claire, l'Officiel, InStyle and Madame Figaro, to New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Town and Country, WSJ or Travel & Leisure - he has become an icon for many of his peers in the design world, as well as for his ever-growing list of fans in New York, Tokyo, Paris and more. At the onset, I supplied Izak with written descriptions of each sign's facial characteristics as did the ancient astrologers. Why did they do that? In Mesopotamia, around 2,400 BC in Babylonia where astrology was born, people only knew an estimated time of birth because they used sundials. There were no clocks. To better know a child's rising sign, which is based on the precise time of birth, the ancients described in writing the various facial characteristics of each of the 12 rising signs. This way, parents knew what to look for as the child grew up. I knew that with my esteemed artist Izak Zenou, I would have to communicate with visuals. Art is Izak's currency of communication. I also wanted to do my own empirical research to see if the ancient descriptions of the 12 signs held up—many did!

Izak's profound knowledge of current designer runway styles also played a big part in the paintings. He never reproduced an image twice—they are all individual originals!

We have now entered a world where digital art is tradeable, sellable, unique, limited, and is otherwise known as an NFT. NFT stands for "non-fungible token," a unit of digital ownership. (Said another way, it is a digital asset that you own and control.)

When you purchase a Susan Miller Stars NFT, the copyright of the image is licensed to you for as long as you own the NFT. Once you own it, you can use it in any way you'd like. You can even gift them to friends and family! NFTs are collectibles. Think of them like the collectible Beanie Baby toys when you were little, or baseball cards or movie star cards your parents used to collect, found in packs of bubble gum.

This is just the beginning of our journey together into Web 3.0!

Purchasing a stars membership gives exclusive access to Susan Miller

How it Works


Find Your Inspiration

Part of the fun of the experience is sailing into an Aquarian universe of randomness. While you can direct the machine to choose an image from the collection within your zodiac sign or rising sign, the digital art that you end up with will be random within that sign.

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Purchase Membership

You will initially buy your membership in the form of an NFT from the Susan Miller Stars Collection on my Astrology Zone website with a credit card, but later, after you are the owner of the piece, should you want to sell it, you could then offer it for sale on OpenSea.com.

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Gain Access

By purchasing one limited collectible portrait of any sign, you will have more access to me more than ever before on a VIP Discord channel where we can interact directly with one another. You will also receive invites to exclusive and private Astrology Zone events and activities

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The purchaser of each Susan Miller Stars non-fungible token ("NFT"), upon the purchase of such NFT (either in the primary or secondary markets), will, and is hereby irrevocably and perpetually transferred, granted, and assigned, all rights, title and interest, of every kind, nature or description solely in such NFT and solely within the context of such NFT, throughout the Universe, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised ("Assignment"). For purposes of clarity only, such Assignment shall expressly not include any and all right, title and interest in the name Susan Miller and/or any and all of Susan Miller's trademarks, service marks, and other tangible or intangible property of Susan Miller and/or any and all of her companies, whether owned in whole or in part by Susan Miller and/or any of her companies.

Any subsequent purchaser of each such NFT shall acquire all rights contained in such Assignment on the same terms as set forth above. To the extent that any purchaser of any NFT uses the NFT in any merchandise and/or in any and all other exploitations of such NFT, then, immediately upon such purchaser's sale of such NFT to any subsequent purchaser, the selling purchaser shall immediately cease and desist from, and shall cause the removal of, any and all uses, in any media, format, product, or otherwise, of such NFT created and/or caused to be created by such selling purchaser during the term in which such selling purchaser acquired rights in such NFT.