A Note from Susan Miller — September 2020

Dear Reader:

I finally can reveal the secret I have been harboring for months!

I have a beautiful newly designed app to replace my present app, still with the same trademarked name, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller®”. In a way the title is a misnomer, because my app comes chock full of information, some of which I will tell you about here. I am thrilled to finally show you the new design on the Apple App Store (http://apple.co/2gcVDnn)

My app will appear in the Google Play Store. They have it and approved it, so it should appear this week or next week. We believe it will be the same link, with the new app replacing the former one here: (http://bit.ly/2y7pHaT)

If you are an Android user and you see the old app, the new one will come. If you buy the old one, no problem. Once the new one is posted, the new one will slide in easily and your subscription will be restored. You will not lose even one penny. The process is the same for Google and for Apple.

If you are an Android user and are curious about the new design, you might want to go to the Apple App Store to see the new design. Google should have it up any day now, perhaps later this week.

The Apple and Google Play versions are just about identical.

You will see a sleeker, more robust app with easier navigation, and the ability to share your favorite daily and monthly horoscopes. You will have suggestions for gift ideas, dream vacation ideas, and much more. You can even have the option of changing the background of the app to be black with white type or the opposite, white with black type, depending on the lighting conditions you happen to be in for easy reading.

We flipped the switch on the Apple App Store on August 28 at 1:30 PM EDT where I am in New York City, and earlier, at 10:30 AM PDT, in Santa Monica, CA where my wonderful app development team, Invemo, is based.

I chose that time because there was a grand trine in the heavens, ensuring great harmony for a product launch. The planets included Mercury in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus (both planets have to do with high tech, communication, and apps), and both were sending kisses to Jupiter conjunct the moon in Capricorn. Also, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, bringing the thinking of Mercury to a whole new level of innovation. It was ideal.

It was very important to me to launch before Mars goes retrograde, September 9 to November 13. You will read a lot about Mars retrograde in your forecast in September.

The best part is, if you are a subscriber, all you need to do is update and restore your subscription. You will have every one of my daily forecasts. Whether you choose to get the free version of my app with my short daily forecasts or subscribe for the much more robust premium version offering, among other things, longer daily ‘scopes and also is packed with all my essays, discussions about Mercury retrograde, the eclipses, relationships, health and fitness, gift ideas, dream vacations by signs, how to banish stress, and more.

That brings me to my eyes. If you follow me on Twitter @AstrologyZone, Instagram @Astrologyzone, or Facebook “Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone,” you already know about my new app, and also about my urgent eye surgery that I had on Monday, August 31.

I was born with more than one birth defect. This one affects the eyes and is vicious because it can causes blindness. Usually it strikes when you are you older, over 80 years old, but I was diagnosed at 35, and so was my sister. Things progressed to a scary level 11 years ago, so at that time I began to visit my retina specialist doctor every four weeks for medicine in an attempt to mitigate the most severe effects.

Two months ago I had a sudden decline, so serious I could not see anything without a magnifying glass, and my distance vision disappeared. My surgeon, a famous doctor with a five-month wait for surgery (complicated by COVID) put me on his surgery agenda within two weeks. The jury is still out on how well my recent operation went—I have to wait for the eye to heal and the inflammation to calm down.

When I shared a little bit of my situation with you last month, a record number of 175 letters poured in in one day—I bet one of those letters was from you. I learned that many of you have concerns about your eyes too, and struggle just as much. You were so kind, so spontaneous, supportive, and helpful, I felt tears coming on as my assistant, Courtney O’Reilly, read your letters to me over the course of the past month from her home office in Brooklyn. (She has two of the company computers—we are still staying safe here, shuttered in as a precaution.) I found you and I are so similar, and you, too, pray to saints and to God when facing an impossible situation. I am Catholic and have been praying to St. Lucy who is in charge of sight, and you recommended other saints too that I could add. I loved you for that!

The good part in this is that I made sure my new app would be easy on the eyes, clear and crisp to read, and a cinch to navigate. If I can read my forecasts on it, chances are that you can probably see it easily, too. One or two of the possible design options that my app developer, Invemo of Santa Monica showed me, was difficult for me to see. The chief designer on my team, Adam, said, “then let’s take that one out of the running, and I will develop more for you.”

I think God has given me poor eyesight so that I can be sensitive to all readers, no matter how your eyesight happens to be. If you have eyes that don’t work the way you had hoped, and you have ideas to make any improvements to my app, send them to me at [email protected] We read every letter. Your voice will be heard—we are listening.

I will need another eye procedure this year, this time on my right eye, so although I have been struggling terribly, I hold out hope that things can improve. My team of doctors are attached to well-known teaching hospitals. They know each other by reputation, and each does original research and writes their findings in white papers that are published in medical journals. I am lucky to have such a dream team of eye specialists helping me here in New York City. They are wise and compassionate, and that’s all you can ever hope to have from your specialists. Despite it all, I still think I am lucky. I certainly am lucky to have you as a reader!

Enjoy September! October will have its challenging moments, including Mercury retrograde concurrent with Mars retrograde. We also have the October Surprise, which will occur, ironically, on October 31 when Uranus will oppose the Sun, just prior to the US election. There’s more and I am still studying October, a complex month.

Try to get as much done now as you can.

Thank you so much for all your kind support. You touched me deeply this month, dear reader.


Susan Miller