A Note From Susan Miller – September 2017

Dear Readers,

I have so much news to share! Do you remember that my director, Paul Duddridge, formerly of London, now living in Los Angeles, was going to Europe to film a full length movie, the reason my show had to stop? Now I can show you the beautiful film that Paul not only directed but also produced, and wrote the script.

The tender movie, called Together, is a story of two old people who have a history together and who love one another deeply but who find themselves in circumstances that make it impossible to be together. I have the trailer to show you, and although it runs only a minute, it will give you an accurate and touching view of this film, due out in November. Paul will enter this film in the award shows, and I wish him the best of luck. I love it. Here is the official trailer: Please go to Twitter (@astrologyzone) or Facebook (Susan Miller) to send your comments about this movie. I want to know how you like the trailer.

On September 23, I will go to Boston to give a speech on the Year Ahead 2018 for the prestigious astrological society, National Council for Geo-Cosmic Research. The tickets will be $40 each, payable at the door, or by Paypal: NCGRboston@gmail.com

To find out more information, click here:


After my talk, which will start at Noon and end at 4:15 PM, we will all go for Thai food in a fun restaurant nearby, and each of us will pay for our own dinner. We did this last time I spoke in Boston several years ago, and everyone liked the idea (me too!). You will have a chance to ask me more questions at that time if I didn’t get to yours at my talk.

In October I will fly to Los Angeles to be on a panel for Digital Hollywood, a big event where people interested in the digital world come to discuss ideas. My talk will be called Women Entrepreneurs: Sharing Experience – Real Life Stories – Building the Brand, the Personal, and the Company Identity, and will be from 10:45 to Noon. See more on the conference website, Digital Hollywood.com

I have been very busy with product development. As you may know, I launched a new FREE service on Amazon’s Alexa Echo digital assistant. Several months ago, I asked Phunware, my app developer, to code my daily horoscopes on the Echo Dot to delight and surprise you. When you have the little Echo on your desk, say, “Alexa!” (She will look like a little flying saucer, and her lights will go on and run in a circle.) “Open Astrology Zone!” Then say, “I am a Virgo, what is my forecast for today?” (Or you can ask for the forecast for tomorrow.) Alexa will tell you your horoscope! It’s so cute.

My app in America is a big success, as readers say they love “Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope.” You have the option to read my essays on your mobile phone and get much longer daily content if you subscribe, $4.99 a month, $12.99 for three months, or $49.99 a year. (Apple and Google take 30 percent as my retailer, which they certainly deserve.) If you are trying to read my monthly reports on your browser, getting the app is so much easier on your eyes. The formatting and navigation is fantastic, for Phunware designed a beautiful app, and both the free and the paid subscription app carry the full, uncut monthly forecast for all twelve signs.

In July, we brought my beautiful Turkish app, translated by Turkish translators in Istanbul. The app is on the Turkish iTunes App Store, so just search for Susan Miller to find it. Our Android version will come out after Mercury turns direct in September, giving a space of several days – September 9.

I want you to know we think we solved the problem at Facebook. Facebook requires that everyone have a personal page and what they call a fan page. Somehow I had these two pages and I had no idea how to combine them. Readers were completely confused, as was I. I lost so many readers because of those two pages – I was posting on one but not on the other. Now Facebook came to my rescue by combining all my followers together, and we have only one page. (If you go to “Susan Miller,” I am wearing a red dress).

I hope you will post a note on Facebook to say hello. My assistant and I look at your comments every day in late afternoon, for I love hearing your feedback.

You probably know I love Twitter too, and I go on there throughout the day, @astrologyzone.

Thank you for all your good wishes concerning my eye infection. The doctors saved my vision in my right eye, and they say the inflammation is taking time to go down – but that is to be expected. Thank you SO much for all your good wishes and prayers. I feel it’s because of you that I can see out of that eye. I have always believed in the power of prayer. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Susan Miller