A Note from Susan Miller — October 2019

Dear Readers:

I have lots to tell you! First, I will appear on both the East and West coasts in October, in both cases speaking about the Year Ahead 2020. I will do a quick description here (more is listed on AstrologyZone’s home page—just click the event you are interested in coming to), and then after I give you some details, I will tell you about something we can all do together on social media in October that will be fun, and free.

First, here is the information on my two talks which I think you will love. I will do a relaxing retreat in Ojai, CA, a picturesque town that is outside of Los Angeles that we have scheduled over Columbus Day weekend from Saturday, October 12, to Monday, October 14, when you will drive back home.

Two weeks later, I will appear in New York City at the New Life Expo on Sunday, October 20, from 1:30 PM to 3:15 PM at the New Yorker Wyndham Hotel on 34th Street & Eighth Avenue.

My talk at both events will center on the Year Ahead 2020. I have been writing my book and calendar, so I am prepared and ready to fill you in on all the details of the coming year. A full description of my talk in New York City and how to get tickets is here: http://bit.ly/2m8nLe5

In Ojai, I will give a retreat with Alanna Zabel, my friend and yoga teacher who lives in Los Angeles. Alanna’s celebrity clients depend on her to keep fit. Alanna’s retreat is all sold out except for my two evening talks, Part One and Part Two, giving you interesting details on the Year Ahead 2020. Although the retreat’s hotel accommodations are full, you can stay in any hotel, an Airbnb in Ojai that you choose, or with a friend who might live there.

The tickets to my two evening talks are $100 for both nights or $75 for one talk. You can come to one or both, but I hope you will come the two nights so you will be armed with all the information you need for a highly successful 2020. The reason I will have two talks is that I have a lot to tell you, and I want to have plenty of time to answer your questions. For information, call Alanna at 424.272.1013. Or email Alanna: [email protected]

Now for my other surprise! The good people at Fox TV Entertainment called me this summer to ask me if I would I be interested in seeing a pilot of a new show that will debut Wednesday, October 2, at 9:00 PM Eastern and 8:00 PM Central on Fox that will deal with very modern questions that most people have never had to face. This is the network that brought you Beverly Hills 90210 and 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, my favorite show of all time, among other top hits, so I was all ears. As I learned more, I jumped at the chance to see it.

The show is called Almost Family, and it is about a doctor, Dr Leo Bechley, played by Academy award winner Timothy Hutton, who, shall we say, illegally and secretly shared his DNA with his female patients’ eggs in a petri dishes in his own fertility clinic and wound up fathering more than 100 children. The story opens with Dr. Bechley being led out in handcuffs when his illegal activities were uncovered.

Dr Bechley’s daughter, Julia, played by Brittany Snow, runs the day-to-day operations of Dr. Bechley’s clinic. Julia assumed she was an only child until she made the chance discovery that she and two other women are all related. These three women are the central characters: Julia (Brittney Snow), Roxy, a former Olympic athlete (played by Emily Osment), and Julia’s former best friend, Edie Palmer (Megalyn Echikunwoke), an accomplished young African-American lawyer.

Together the three women instantly agree to form a non-traditional bond to deal with the shocking news they each suddenly received. The show explores such topics as what exactly it means to be part of a family, how is your identity and self-image shaped along with other fascinating questions. As law enforcement authorities delve into the illegal activities of Dr. Bechley, the three women form a sisterhood as they prepare to face a tidal wave unexpected siblings. I won’t give away any more of the plot—I want you to have the fun of discovering it. The characters are well developed, and the dialogue is smart and well written.

I want to make clear that Fox is not paying me for my interest in the show. I saw the pilot and loved it, and when Fox asked me to guess the character’s signs, I said I would go one better and open this question up to you, my readers where we can easily discuss the show on Twitter and Instagram. Together we will not only guess each character’s Sun sign, but also their rising sign and maybe moon sign, too.

Several years ago I did a similar study on the script of Mad Men when Paper magazine called me to dissect those characters by sign and to defend my choice in an article for Paper. At that time, I saw first-hand how much you enjoyed debating the main characters’ zodiac signs on social media with me, so I said yes.

Set your DVR and watch the show, which will occur weekly on Fox on Wednesdays (the first is October 2) at 9:00 PM ET. After you see it, let’s go on Twitter on Thursday evening at 10 PM ET and start the conversation. I will try something on Instagram too, but I find a chat easier on Twitter, so we will start there.

I feel we all will need to see several episodes to be sure about the signs we assign each character, but I want to see what you think before I share my thoughts. I think you will find our Twitter sessions delicious, and you can debate not only with me but also with each other. You can disagree with me, add to what I say—anything! I am doing this all for you. My name on Twitter is @astrologyzone, and you can read Twitter feed without tweeting—just go to http://twitter.com/astrologyzone.

I am on Instagram too, @astrologyzone (same name) and will post frequently, but I find having a chat to be a little easier on Twitter. Come with me, dear readers. I will see you Thursday evening at 10 PM ET.