A Note from Susan Miller — October 2018

Dear Readers,

I am excited to tell you about my two appearances, first in October at the New Life Expo on Saturday, October 27, in New York City, and then in Carlsbad, California where I am doing a full weekend of yoga and astrology from November 2-4, 2018. In both cases, I will tell you all about the Year Ahead 2019. All the details about my two appearances are on my website. Check my homepage of AstrologyZone.com. Here is the short version of what I will do, and I hope you can come!

My event at the New Life Expo will be a lively two-hour talk about the Year Ahead 2019. Next year, we will have five eclipses, and Uranus will settle into his new seven-year visit to Taurus. This will be the first time since 1934 to 1942 that Uranus has been in Taurus; Saturn will continue to be in Capricorn and edge closer to a conjunction with Pluto, and Jupiter will be newly minted in Sagittarius. I will give you lots of information about how these and other planets will affect you. We can set goals and intentions and set off on a productive, joyous 2019.

To buy tickets to New Life Expo on Saturday, October 27 at 2 PM:


Over November 2-4, I will do a three-day, two-night weekend with Alanna Zabel of AZIAM Yoga Studio. The event will be held at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California (near San Diego). Alanna and I did a successful event in her main studio in Brentwood (part of Los Angeles), and she suggested we do an entire weekend of yoga and astrology near San Diego, because the setting is so inspirational.

Women and men are welcome to come, and it would make a fun couples weekend. Some people will come alone, and if that is you, you will instantly make new friends. When we get 30 people signed up attendees, we will close the event to keep it small and intimate. If you don’t want to stay at the gorgeous Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, you can choose an AirBnB in the town and attend the event that way. See my website home page for a link for more details.

Also, you can call Alanna for information: 310.260.2556

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? Now you can have it easily analyzed by a pro, Sheila Kurtz, who has written several books on the subject and worked with the New York City Police Department to solve crimes, including the Son of Sam case. She frequently talks with the FBI and CIA. I’ve known Sheila for many years, as she is a personal friend. I was at her house when reporters from established publications like Forbes would call to ask her questions. Sheila Kurtz is the real deal. I urged her to do a service for my Astrology Zone® readers, and we have been working on this idea for two years, and now it’s ready for you.

Sheila will ask you to write out a certain paragraph she designed to see the range of your handwriting. You will see that paragraph on her site. After you are done, you will take a photo of the paragraph you wrote on your smartphone and send it to her. Sheila will analyze 44 different factors of your writing. For $40 you will get a 3-5 page personal report of your handwriting. Don’t worry if your penmanship is not great—many people don’t have clear handwriting.

You will be shocked at how accurate the report will be about your personality. If you have someone on your list who has everything, this makes a great holiday gift.

Go to: ScanMyHandwriting.com

Now I will turn to tell my sweet readers in Australia and New Zealand to let you know news about my director, British producer Paul Duddridge, who used to do all my TV shows on the Internet in 2015 and 2016. Paul stopped my show to write, cast, direct, produce, and distribute his touching award-winning film, Together, about two old people deeply in love, married 60 years, but who were separated and who strive to be together. The movie debuts in Australia and New Zealand this month at the British Film Festival. Here are the details:



New Zealand.


Now let’s turn to what is in my heart as I write to you. My mother, who I called Little Mom, passed away six years ago on September 27, 2012. I miss her terribly. My mother taught me astrology after I begged her to do so, but at first she resisted. She told me if I studied less than 12 years, I would never be any good. I promised I would stick to her rules.

I was born with a birth defect that caused terrible internal bleeding—I have had 40 blood transfusions in my life, and I am not a hemophiliac. To fix the main problem when I was 14 years old, I was in the hospital 11 months with three years of grueling physical therapy, six hours a day five days a week. No one was sure whether I would ever walk again, so naturally I wanted to see what my chart said.

My mother always read my chart, but I wanted to read my own chart. She finally relented and taught me, with the stipulation that I study with her for 12 years, and I was never to read the chart of anyone outside the family until she deemed me ready. I promised to abide by her rules.

I am glad she made me study for those 12 years, for her teaching was slow and methodical. For eight years, she had studied from a correspondence course with a serious astrological group in Oceanside California before I was born and continued to study on her own after the course was over. She never stopped studying.

Shortly before she passed, I went to her house to surprise her, and as I walked in, she was reading something as she sat in her favorite chair. I walked over to her and asked Little Mom what she was reading. I looked over her shoulder. It was my forecast on Astrology Zone® for her sign, Gemini. I asked her how she got it, for she didn’t have a computer. She replied that my sister prints out the Gemini report for her every month.

When I asked why she was reading my report, since she knew what the planets were doing, she replied that she wanted to see what I was saying! I said, “OH! How am I doing, Little Mom?” She had a twinkle in her eye, smiling and replied: “You can continue.” I gave her a big kiss. She was my best friend, and I miss her so much. Without Little Mom, there would be no Astrology Zone®. I hear her cheerful voice and wise advice in my mind every day. I will forever try to live up to her brilliance.

Have a wonderful October, dear readers. If you live in New York, I hope I see you at the New Life Expo!


Susan Miller