A Note From Susan Miller – October 2017

Dear Reader,

October will be a big month, for it marks the beginning of several major planets’ move into new signs. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will move into Scorpio on October 10 for the coming thirteen months, until November 8, 2018. Everyone, of every sign, will benefit from this new position of Jupiter – it’s exciting! My report for October is a must-read, for when outer planets play musical chairs, situations that seemed stubbornly stuck, loosen and bring opportunity for progress.

Saturn will finally leave Sagittarius on December 20, and early next year, on May 15, 2018, Uranus will leave Aries but only for six months. Uranus will retrograde back into Aries but finally leave Aries in March 2019. All this planetary activity will bring monumental shifts, so stay tuned, for the plot is thickening and will bring relief to many who wished for change. It is on the way, dear reader.

If you check my Facebook or Twitter feed, you know I am having a nightmare with a condition affecting my eyes. I have a team of four of the best retina specialists in the world working on my problem – they are all part of the same consultancy. I had lost all my sight in June in my right eye after a procedure, when the eye showed severe inflammation and all my vision was lost for two months. Now it has happened again, to the other eye. Right now, I am completely blind in my left eye, and the right eye is not at quite back to normal. This is an exceedingly rare condition, so I have to be patient, but I do miss my eyes! I can only see 12 inches ahead, but that’s my screen, but no distance at all with both eyes.

Nothing stops me, however, so as I went to Boston to speak with only one eye working, I will go to Los Angeles too next week. My doctors are letting me go, with the promise that I will come back instantly if anything changes and concerns me. The inflammation could take weeks to normalize, so for now the doctors don’t need me. Luckily, looking at me, you can’t tell I have a problem, but in fact, as said, my left eye is completely blind, hopefully temporarily.

I am going to Los Angeles to speak on the Digital Hollywood panel at the Skirball Center, part of the Haas Conference Center (Room 171) on October 12, from 10:45 to Noon, Track 11. The title of the panel I will be on is called “Women Entrepreneurs: Sharing Experience – Real Life Stories – Building the Brand, the Personal and the Company Identity.”

For information, go to my free or paid subscription app (either) under Meet Susan. If you don’t have my app, go to Apple App Store or Google Play and look for Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope. (Both my free and paid app have my long monthly horoscope, so if you like to read my column on your cell phone, you can do so more easily by using my app than by going on to your smart phone’s browser.

If you have a tablet or computer, go to my home page on AstrologyZone.com and scroll down to where you will see my upcoming events, and you will see the big words, Los Angeles – click on that.

In July we released my first Turkish app with the help of my partner in Istanbul, Ilhan Demiriz at the app company he founded, Jodomo. We first released my app in all-Turkish language on the Turkish Apple App Store and later, after Mercury was no longer retrograde, the version for Android and other smart phones covered by Google Play Store. You can download the apps for either operating system today. The app is very similar to the one I sell in the United States. It has been fun to hear the questions and comments from my Turkish readers. If you would like information, just write to ilhan@jodomo.com

I also finished work on the 2018 THE YEAR AHEAD 2018 illustrated Astrological Calendar, one for the wall, and we added a new DESK PLANNER that is approximately 6 x 9 inches, and has 169 pages – plenty of room to write all your activities. Both calendars have the important aspects listed in the calendar and what those aspects will mean to you in English, using layman’s terms. There is one calendar for all signs, and one desk planner – the information in each is the same.

My Year Ahead 2018 Illustrated Astrological Wall Calendar and Desk Planner are ready to pre-order. We are in final stages of production and ready to materialize very soon! You will soon see how beautiful the artwork is for 2018. By popular demand, Izak Zenou is back as our artist of choice. You may already know Izak’s work, for he created all the custom art for my 2016 calendar. Sales for that year’s calendar were off the charts, so we are so excited to welcome Izak back.

If you are familiar with the elegant Fifth Avenue store in New York City, Henri Bendel, you already know Izak’s rendition of the store’s skinny girl fashionistas that those of us who live here all know and love. You can see Izak’s work on the Henri Bendel website.

The work for my calendar and desk planner for 2018 is all original art, done exclusively for us as collaboration with Izak. I showed Izak how to correctly portray each sign by giving Izak many examples of photos I cut from international fashion magazines. Izak, a Frenchman by birth who lives in New York City now, has a wonderful feel for fashion, and gracefully and artistically translates what I say to create a stylish, current portrait of each sign. This entire project has been a great labor of love.

I am writing The Year Ahead 2018 book, too, but because I am getting into the weeds of the year, and giving lots of detail, it is not yet ready. My eye problem is not helping, but I keep barreling forward anyway. I will keep you posted – my book will be available on my site as a quality paperback book and also as a digital book on Kindle and iPad ebook.

This month marks the fifth year since my mother’s passing. I still feel such pain when I think about losing her, as I miss her so much. Without Little Mom, as I used to call her, there would be no Astrology Zone. She taught me all I know about astrology, and made me promise to study for twelve years before I ever even whispered to a friend that I knew astrology. I hear my mother’s voice as I write every day.

I wrote a tribute to my mother on the day she died, September 27, 2012 – we posted it on my website’s homepage (but not my app). Just go to my homepage, AstrologyZone.com, and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a deep navy band. Look for the title of my tribute, Remembering Little Mom. She will always be the deepest inspiration to my work.

Thank you for checking in, dear reader, and for all your good wishes.

Susan Miller