A Note From Susan Miller – November 2017

Dear Reader,

This has been a stressful month for our entire team. I had written the November horoscopes, but we couldn’t post them. A severe storm in Maine knocked out power in a good deal of the state, including where Sherie, my top editor, lives. The Governor of Maine declared a state of emergency. Here, in New York City where I live, we knew we had to do something fast, as this crisis came up just before posting. At the time, Sherie had already edited six signs, but we had six to go.

I called our backup editor, Edward, in Philadelphia, who jumped into action quickly working three days diligently without breaks. He was working on checking spelling, spotting typos, and incorrect syntax, and also he had to ready the monthly files for my app and Internet, which has different requirements.

My daily horoscopes on my app or on DailyAstrologyZone.com were not affected, as I write those far in advance and Sherie works on those months ahead.

At this writing, Sherie is in a hotel miles from her home, for she had no heat, light, or working kitchen appliances, like a stove or refrigerator. It was freezing in her house. Officials were estimating that it would take at least until Saturday, November 4, to fix the power lines. Here is a link to the latest story in the region’s newspaper: http://bit.ly/2zd8yg3

Ironically, my app in Turkey, which, of course, is translated into Turkish (and found on the Turkish Apple App Store and Turkish Google Play) is cared for by a different engineering and editorial team, who are based in Istanbul. My November forecast was up on time for those readers who speak Turkish on my app, called “Susan Miller Ile Astrologi.”

Alas, some things cannot be helped. My team is having a meeting after this is over to craft a plan should we ever be hit with an extended loss of power again.

I need a way to always communicate with you, so please go to Twitter @AstrologyZone in times like these, for that is where I post updates. I also post on Facebook, and my account is called Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. An easy way to check my posts is to go to my website, AstrologyZone.com, and click on the little icon of the white bird for Twitter or the F for Facebook on top of the page where your monthly horoscope is found (any sign). You need not join the social media account to read my posts – you will see them all. You can also find the Twitter and Facebook icon at the bottom of my homepage – look for the deep blue band as you scroll down to the end of the page

I feel so bad about this, as November will be a good strong month, with much to cheer about. I was so happy to finally have good news to convey to you. Needless to say, I am frustrated, but also worried about you, as well as the welfare of my editor in Maine, who has experienced hunger, extreme cold interior temperatures (until it was clear the power was not coming on anytime soon), and displacement for a week. Sherie has two little cats she loves who needed warmth and daily medicine. (Sherie drove home daily to care for them.) Edward kept working until his eyes hurt as he worked in his office in Philadelphia. I am grateful he jumped in so fast when the call came.

The welfare of people near is always so important to me, and your feelings are just as important. I know you are impatient to learn what is coming up for you. I am hoping this won’t last long – I hope by Thursday evening, November 3, my horoscopes will be posted.

Some readers write to say, why don’t you start earlier? I have to do the paying jobs first each month to afford to give you my site for free. I am also working on my new book, Year Ahead 2018, that I know you want to read. In addition, I manage my app for all twelve signs.

This month, our artist for my Year Ahead 2018 Illustrated Wall Calendar and also Year Ahead 2018 Desk Planner had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of work on the calendar for a serious operation. Then, ten days later, he had to return unexpectedly for more surgery. Our fabulous artist is working again, and we will go to press very soon. He is feeling well, and it looks like the doctors fixed him up perfectly this time.

I realize that it is not possible to control everything in life, and when that happens, we have to go with events. Astrology teaches us to be sensitive to the feelings and well-being of those around us. Thank you for your understanding, dear reader. YOU are so important to me!

Susan Miller