A Note from Susan Miller — May 2019

Dear Reader,

I am so excited about May I can hardly contain myself. It brims with happy, positive aspects, and brings many joyous surprises. I feel you will love May!

As we go through the month, I will continue to remind you of important, sweet aspects on Instagram (@AstrologyZone), Twitter (also @Astrologyzone), and on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Keep looking for the blue Verified check mark next to my name on all three social media platforms as some people are pretending to be me. I will post almost daily so that you will be able to use every sparkling aspect as they come up—there will be many!

I was born and grew up in New York City, in the heart of Manhattan, so I naturally have a soft spot for Macy’s. Each year the store puts on their magical Thanksgiving Day parade, chock full of outstanding creativity to warm the heart of children and adults everywhere. For the Fourth of July Celebration, Macy’s puts on a grand fireworks display over the East River (sometimes it’s the Hudson), turning New York into a warm, friendly small hometown.

You can imagine my thrill when I got a call from my manager that Macy’s would like me to appear at their flagship Herald Square Store in their new concept store called STORY. In their new concept, Macy’s invites small businesses, ones that create unique products, to come and speak. I said yes so fast my manager started to laugh. Oh yes, I am thrilled!

At my event, I will give you a peak at the coming year. Macy’s concept store is young and fresh and has a new theme every month. The theme given to me is Color! Knowing this, I will talk about the gorgeous colors associated with your birth sign, how astrology works, and why certain colors are associated with your sign. At the event, Macy’s said they would be happy to sell my beautiful Year Ahead 2019 Astrological Calendar that I published myself and also my book-a-zine I wrote and published with Meredith Publishing called Year Ahead 2019. I will sign the publication you buy, and you can ask me a question. Admission is free, but Macy’s requires you RSVP because space is limited.

Admission is free, so let’s meet

Tuesday, May 14 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Macy’s, Herald Square

151 West 34th Street, Mezzanine level

New York City, NY

RSVP to get on the list:  https://mcys.co/2VaW5pu

Now let’s switch to the topic of my app.

I am excited that this year I am one of two finalists for the prestigious Appy Award for the premium version of my app. The winner will be announced May 15, and I will be there with my fingers crossed.

My app is available on iPhone and Android and is called “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller.”

The basic app is completely free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Most readers upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 a month, done as an in-app purchase under “Go Shopping” on my app’s menu. I am so excited because I work so hard on the app.

The subscription is an auto-renewal, but we can show you how to stop it if you can’t find the way on your own—it’s easy and we are happy to show you the seven tiny steps. Write to [email protected]

Apple and Google take 30% of each subscription purchase, which they deserve, so you can’t end the subscription in the middle of a subscription (say, mid-month). In other words, Apple and Google will not refund a half-eaten sandwich. For that reason, you may want to sign up for a one-month subscription rather than the option for a three-month or yearly subscription on auto-renewal (those offer a 15% savings), not until you are sure you like the app. If you are planning to switch cell phones, say, from Samsung to iPhone (or vice versa), then purchase the shortest subscription, one month for $4.99, as there are no mid-subscription refunds. You can stop instantly at the end of that one month’s subscription. If you buy a new Apple iPhone and had an Apple iPhone, then it is simple to have it transferred to your new phone, you just press restore subscription and you are done. The same is true of Samsung. Subscriptions are not transferable from Samsung to iPhone (or vice versa).

I keep forgetting to remind you that if you have an iPhone and have my app—free or premium version, either way—you automatically get my app on your Apple Watch for free. I have the Apple Watch, and I love it, as it gives me all kinds of information as I go through my day. I love that you can have my app on the Apple Watch face in abbreviated form, so you can read it when you go running or at times when you don’t want to have your phone with you. My app works on all versions of the Apple Watch. I just bought version 4, but it works on all the earlier models too. Fun!

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can subscribe to Daily Astrology Zone to get my daily long horoscopes into your email inbox, and you will have the very same long subscriber information as is on the iPhone or Android smart phones. Go to http://www.DailyAstrologyZone.com

I hope you enjoy May to the fullest, dear reader!

I will be checking Twitter and Instagram (@AstrologyZone) almost every day to hear about your experiences and to remind you of your most special days coming up.

Best wishes,