A Note from Susan Miller – May 2018

Dear Readers,

Recently I was having a celebration dinner with Michelle Roque, my talented creative director who had done such brilliant art direction work on my calendars and planners, handling Parisian artist Izak’s work with such grace. Michelle was telling me that some of her friends love Astrology Zone – they only read my summaries to my monthly column. I put down my fork. Hearing this news made me sad. I asked, are you sure, Michelle? She nodded. I strive so to give my readers complete information, and this month, May, I look ahead to the rest of the year to show what is due for you, for planning purposes. Almost none of that vital information will be in my summaries – there was too much to explain.

If you are one of my readers who reads only my summaries, this month promise me that just for May, you will read my entire report. The move of Uranus to Taurus is headline news, for Uranus has not visited Taurus since 1934 to 1942. This means that for everyone, life will feel new and different. Some of the old conditions that felt like they would go on forever will soon fade. This year, Uranus will give you a little time to get adjusted to the new influences, for Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, but only stay until November 15. At that time, Uranus will retreat back to the place he has been for years, Aries.

Uranus will come back to Taurus on March 6, 2019, to stay for seven years, until April 2026.  In this report to you, I show you how you are likely to be influenced by this move of Uranus. Uranus in Taurus will also have an effect on society. I will visit that in a special essay I will write for you another day, if only to spark your imagination. Change is coming, and some of it will be very exciting.

Words used to describe Uranus are sudden, innovative, unique, iconoclastic, non-traditional, creative, disruptive, pathfinder, futuristic – and more. Astrologers call Uranus the Great Awakener, for he tends to deliver messages suddenly without warning and sweep away all that Uranus feels is of no future value to you, and then helps you rebuild with something better and more relevant.

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Susan Miller

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