A Note from Susan Miller — March 2019

Dear Readers,

You might already know that I love posting on Twitter (@AstrologyZone), and I am also on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). What is new is that in December, I added Instagram to my regular social media posts (@Astrologyzone). I have been having fun reading your comments and seeing how the planets are influencing your life.  I had joined Instagram in 2012, but in intervening years I had not been posting there, but now I am enjoying going on Instagram almost every day.

Over the past weeks I was dismayed to find out that there were 12 people on Instagram who were pretending to be me and created names meant to confuse you. One girl even has my picture on her Instagram page. It was a revelation. Special thanks to the kind people at Instagram for verifying my account so quickly. If you want to follow me on social media—no matter which venue—please look for the blue circled verified check mark. I want to stay in touch with you and want to see all you have to say!

March will be a sweet month, even though Mercury will be retrograde, March 5 to March 28. We had a strenuous January with its two eclipses, and February turned out to be highly productive. I bet you got a lot done. Now, you might enjoy the slightly slower pace of March—there is a soft, lyrical quality to March that I think you will enjoy, for it will offer a sweet contrast to the months we have seen so far this year. Planets in Pisces will sharpen your creative powers and heighten your intuition.

There will be lots of advantages to March, so I hope you will read my report for your Sun sign and for your rising sign too. (The rising sign chart can only be determined by having your precise time of birth along with the day, month, year, and city of birth.) Treat both the Sun sign and rising sign as equal, for if you only read one report you will only get 50% of my forecast for you.

We are all born with two charts. The reason the Sun sign chart is so important is that the Sun is found in the heart of our solar system. No planets march dutifully around Venus or Mars, for example, but they all the little planets dutifully march around the mighty Sun. It holds a vital position in our lives.  Your custom natal chart is equally important too, for it will set up the timing of some of your most important opportunities, and it also gives information about your personality and talents, among other things.

Sometimes readers ask, what if the two charts conflict? Your job will be to blend them together. For example, if one chart reveals March will be really good for you to earn more money, but the other shows high expenses and the probability that you will temporarily be short on cash, if the latter is your Sun sign chart, you won’t suffer as much as other members of your sign because you will have help from your rising sign natal chart.

Now let’s say in one report I talk quite a bit about career, and in the other report I talk a lot about your friendships. Put the two together—your friends are likely to bring you tips about job opportunities, and may be better for you than job brokers.

Each year I write my beautiful Year Ahead Astrological Wall Calendar so that you won’t have to wait to see what is coming up each month but have the entire year (plus an extra month, January 2020) at your fingertips for planning the big initiations of your life. In the calendar grid I give the aspect but also explain it in easy to understand English.  In February, I was in Los Angeles, giving speeches in Brentwood and in Hollywood, and readers were stunned by the beauty of the calendars I write and publish myself.

French artist Izak Zenou’s depictions of Women of the World, of all ethnicities, are being enthusiastically received in this year’s calendar. We depict women from New York, New Delhi, Barcelona, the Australian Outback, Paris, London, Beijing, Munich, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. It has become my most popular calendar so far. Please consider getting one of my Year Ahead 2019 Astrological Wall Calendars for yourself and a friend, or your sister.  The only place they are for sale is the home page of my website, Astrology Zone and are shipped out by our fulfillment house instantly. By supporting my products, you help me keep Astrology Zone free for one and all, always my mission.

Thank you for making my new book-a-zine, Year Ahead 2019, a top seller on Amazon! We offer a paperback and digital version for Kindle and for iPad (on iTunes). The paperback version is $12.99, and the digital cost is $6.99. I must admit I like the paper version best because it shows off the NASA artwork of planets in the most brilliant way. On Amazon my book is listed as #1 on the Kindle best-seller list in my genre. Thank you!

If you don’t yet have your copy of The Year Ahead 2019 that I wrote, it offers 100 pages of text, predictions for each sign for the year ahead, modern personality descriptions of each sign, and a discussion about Mercury retrograde among other articles. Go to the Amazon site in your native country to avoid overseas shipping costs.

I will be appearing in New York City at the New Life Expo on Saturday, March 23, talking about eclipses and the move of Uranus into Taurus, along with other big features of 2019. If you live in the New York metro area or will be visiting New York, I hope you will stop by for a lively discussion!  See my home page and scroll down to Appearances to find out all the details.

Thank you, dear readers!  I will be reading your comments in social media. By sharing your stories, you make me a better astrologer, and I appreciate your help so much!

Best wishes,