A Note from Susan Miller – March 2018

Welcome to March, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has more spectacular aspects in the first three weeks, and I want you to think about how you can take full advantage.

Remarkably in the first week of March, none of the planets will be retrograde, which is a very unusual circumstance that we often don’t see during an entire year. That situation will end on March 8 when Jupiter goes retrograde, but if you are initiating an important action in the first week of March, such as to start a business or get married, you have an ideal time.

The full moon of March 1 on Virgo, 11 degrees, will be sweet as sugar. Saturn will staunchly support that new moon, so actions you take are likely to remain with you a long time. Here is more good news! Venus and Mercury will individually receive golden rays from Jupiter in the breathtakingly harmonious trine position (120 degrees). This is perfect for falling in love or committing your love that you’ve found, and to travel, sign a contact, have a presentation, give a speech, shop for beautiful things – March 1 to 4 will be heavenly.

More good news comes at the March 17 new moon in Pisces 27 degrees, for Jupiter in Scorpio will be at the ideal position to shower that new moon with radiant luck, expansion, prosperity, healing, and happiness. All new moons open a new path, but this one is outstandingly special – read your forecast to find out which area of life will bring good news for you.

This month has three moons, so the third one will arrive as a full moon on March 31, commonly called a blue moon. That one has some hash aspects, for Saturn and Mars, traveling together like Siamese twins, will both send a harsh 90-degree square to the full moon in Libra, and in the opposite side of the sky, to the Sun in Aries. We will all feel the ripples of those hard aspects, so keep your schedule light at that time so you can move in any direction that full moon asks you to do.

Many readers say they write down the dates that I give in my monthly column – thank you! I was hoping you would do that. There is another, easier way to do this. Try using my Year Ahead 2018 Astrological Wall Calendar or if you like, my smaller, Year Ahead 2018 Astrological Desk Planner that is meant to be on your desk. You will have my advice on the dates that matter most throughout each month to help you plan your meetings, travel, social events, and other important initiations. When you are asked, do you want to come in on Monday or Thursday, you will know instantly which day is best!

To order, go to my publisher’s website, www.AmericaDirectBook.com (note – his company name starts with the word America, not American). This year’s calendars are some of the most beautiful we have ever designed. They are only available through my publisher or on my website homepage (easiest if you are on a laptop). The artwork by the famous artist Izak is so beautiful that many readers say at the end of a year, they cut out the art, get inexpensive frames and mats, and give them to friends of that sign. We use the richest inks and think 100-percent rag paper, so there is no bleed-through ever.

Mercury will retrograde from March 22 to April 15, so get your most important actions done early in the month. If you are not familiar with all the facets of this famous aspect that affects everyone of every sign, see my essay on the homepage of my website, AstrologyZone.com. Look at to the lower left hand corner where many of my articles are found. Although Mercury retrograde can cause changes and delays, these periods also open up our schedules and help us to go back to projects to polish them to an even higher level. Mercury retrograde is also a great time to reconnect with friends, colleagues, and clients we have not seen in a long time, and for me, that’s the most fun.

If you are reading my monthly forecasts on your cell phone’s browser, consider getting my free app, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope, on Apple or Google Play. Simply search for the words Susan Miller – I come up first. You will see the dark blue icon with white letters AZ come up. Both my free and paid versions have my uncut monthly forecast.

I must say, the name I gave my app is a bit of a misnomer, because while I do give you daily forecasts (and really long ones if you get the paid premium subscription), I also have many essays you might like. One popular one on my premium version has to do with the question – Is there a 13th sign? In my piece, I tackle the subject and show you why no, there is no 13th sign, and why, using science as the basis of my essay, you should continue to read the same sign you always knew you were born into.

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On January 18 in Los Angeles, my app won the top Media Excellence Award for Best Daily Connected Content. What a thrill that was to be named the winner! It was a red carpet event for the mobile industry, and it was fun to meet all the other winners and finalists.

The first eclipses of 2018 on January 31 and February 15 brought many changes to many readers in the five days that circled those eclipse dates. If you didn’t hear news, it may be because your natal planets were not touched mathematically by either of those eclipses. You may hear news this month on March 16, because 20 percent of eclipses deliver their news one month to the day later, plus or minus five days. No more eclipses are due to come by until July, so we all have plenty of time to adjust to any new conditions we have now. Not all eclipses bring hard news – many people saw happy opportunities pop up and heard happy surprise news.

Enjoy March!

Susan Miller