A Note from Susan Miller – February 2018

Dear Reader,

I was thinking of an interesting question today. What quality do you have now that when you were little, growing up, you never assumed you’d have in you? It may be that as you matured, you took on new facets to your personality that you found favorable, and were surprised to say were part of you. That has happened to me.

When I am under terrible pressure, like I have been this week to finish all 12 horoscopes, and each were running much longer than usual, I am amazed to see that I am still able to keep the standards high and give you a very thorough report. I never will give any sign anything less than the best I have to give. When I am writing, the entire world drops away. I never know how many words a forecast will turn out to be or how long it will take to write until I get into it. I strive to write the month’s forecast through the prism of your eyes, dear reader. No one can rush me – I am completely and totally in your service.

In other words, when I write your forecast for the month, I am not simply examining aspects for you, but I strive to become you. I want to walk in your shoes and view the world through your eyes so I can better interpret the opportunities that are coming up. I reflect on all that you’ve been through recently and all there is yet to come, not only in the month I am surveying, but also in the future, for I know I know what is coming in months ahead.

No one is born new in the new month of course – you take with you all the successes, frustrations, hopes, and dreams that you had developed in the previous weeks and months. Typically it takes me seven hours to write each sign, and that does not include the summary, which I write first, two months ahead. I don’t want to be tired when I am writing the last part of your forecast so I write it first.

I stay determined to create the finest quality work for each sign, no matter what the pressures around me, and how I feel physically. I will never rush through any sign, but rather give each one the time and loving attention each deserves.

I also am determined to create a lot of free work for you, especially for those who can’t afford to pay for horoscopes – my monthly forecast, and on my short daily horoscopes on my app, called Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope. My app is available on Apple and Google Play. (Just search Susan Miller on either operating system, and I usually come up first.)

The title of my app is a misnomer, because my app includes my monthly uncut forecasts too, on both the free and paid subscription versions. They are so much easier on your eye on the app! It’s also easier to navigate. On my subscription version you get much longer daily forecasts, as well as my essays and compatibility reports. You can try the paid version for $4.99 for one month or $12.99 for three months, just to see if you like it. You can always end a subscription when it is over, of course, or you can opt to keep it going.

I also oversee the free daily horoscopes on Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. In case you didn’t know, little Alexa will speak your daily forecast to you at your desk if you say, “Alexa, open Astrology Zone!” She will ask you your sign, so you can answer, for example, “I am a Leo and would like today’s horoscope,”(or, tomorrow’s horoscope). This is such fun and wonderful for those who are suffering from computer eyestrain.

When I set out to write your February forecast – or any forecast – I have the goal to give you the best and most comprehensive report possible. This month, February, I wanted you to have a good look at the two eclipses that were kicking off 2018. The forecasts are running long this month, but I bet you will like all I have to say. February is a peach of a month, and March will be quite a beautiful month, too.

I will admit Mercury will begin to retrograde on March 22 to April 15, so you must be as productive as you can now, and in early March while the Sun shines.

If you did not read my essay, “How to Deal with Eclipses,” you might want to do so this month on the homepage of Astrology Zone. The same essay is found in the premium version of my app, under the menu item Life, Love + More and then under Susan’s Essays.

I will be sending out more newsletters from now on, and I urge you to join my newsletter list on the homepage of Astrology Zone. If you do add your name, it is imperative that you add Astrology Zone to your address book so that you will receive all that I write for you. Otherwise, my carefully written letters will go straight to your spam box. We only ask for your email and your name – no other personal information. We respect your privacy, and I will not sell, share, or give away your name and email to any company, ever. What is private to you, stays private.

Finally, I am excited to report that my work was honored at the Media Excellence Awards at the black tie award ceremony in Los Angeles on January 18. I won the award for Best Original Content in an app that makes the daily life of the user better or more enjoyable. What an honor! It was an evening I will never forget.

I have a beautiful crystal trophy on my desk to remind me of the trust you have in me, and how I must always strive to live up to your highest expectations.

Thank you, dear reader, for all your support.

Susan Miller