A Note From Susan Miller – December 2017

Dear Reader,

I just received the best news! My app has made it to the finals of the prestigious Media Excellence Award, in several categories. Wow! Winners will be announced at the black tie, red carpet event in Los Angeles on January 18. I am so honored to have made it this far, and of course, I plan to go. I can’t wait to shop for my dress. No matter what happens, it is such an honor to make it to the finals, because the awards committee gets hundreds of entries.

Last month I found an interesting statistic. Google Analytics tells me that 58 percent of readers are looking at my monthly Astrology Zone forecast on their cell phone browser, such as, for example, Safari, or another browser that comes with your cell phone. There is a much better way to read my reports, dear reader! If you are part of the 58 percent who are doing this, consider getting my free or paid premium subscription app. Both versions include not only a daily forecast but also my long, uncut version of my monthly horoscope for you too. It is called Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope, but you can simply search Susan Miller on either the Apple App Store or Google Play store, and it comes right up.

The difference between the two versions of my app is that the free version offers short snappy daily horoscopes and my paid version has longer daily horoscopes that many readers appreciate, plus an entire menu of articles, beautifully designed with soft grey-blue graphics to be easy on your eyes, set in a jewel of a format, and built for quick navigation. Both free and paid versions have my monthly forecasts, long and uncut.

How would you get the longer premium version? You can subscribe once you already have the free version of my app, and once you go inside, you can choose a short subscription for $4.99, one for 3 months for $12.99, or for a full year for $49.99. The multi-month subscriptions reflect a 15 percent discount. My retailers are Apple App Store and Google Play. You may be surprised that I have to buy my own app, and yes, I go for the yearly version! By the way, once you have the app for your iPhone, Apple allows you to have you a specially sized app for your iPad and a version for the Apple Watch too, for free.

Here is the link to get my app on the Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2gcVDnn

Here is the link to get my app on the Google Play Store:

Speaking about all things that are free, if you have the Amazon Echo, Astrology Zone is now there too! Just say to the little Echo Dot, “Alexa, open AstrologyZone!” Then she says she is ready and asks your sign, and whether you’d like to hear today or tomorrow’s horoscope. She will speak it to you, and it is very sweet. If you have the Echo, it’s lots of fun.

When you work many hours on a project and suddenly see it come together, it’s the most exciting feeling in the world. I started writing my annual calendar in March, and now it is coming off the press this week. Hooray! It is even more beautiful than what I imaged it to be!

By July I was ready to give it to the editorial team, comprised of two editors, a proofer, an astrologer to check my math, and an expert on Jewish holidays while I worked on Catholic holidays and those of other religions. I looked for and found one of the finest art directors I have ever encountered, Michelle Roque. I also enjoyed working directly with brilliant artist, Izak Zenou; one of his clients is of the luxury Fifth Avenue stores, Henri Bendel. I always loved Izak’s fashionable skinny girls, so I built up the courage to call his agents, Traffic Artist Management here in New York. Izak and I worked together for the first time in 2015 on my 2016 calendar, and I wanted to work on new art with Izak for 2018. He is such a wonderful artist to be with, as it is always fun.

I remember on a particularly hectic day in mid-August, with phones ringing continually in the office, email overflowing, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. My executive assistant, Courtney, walked over to tell me that Izak’s black-and-white sketches for the 2018 calendar were coming through email at that moment. I went to my email, and they started to flow in as if on a beautiful, satin ribbon, each filling my screen, one after another. Seeing Izak’s talent transform my ideas in front of my eyes was a magical moment that I won’t soon forget. It was like experiencing poetry in motion.

I asked Izak if I could see a tiny bit more of Miss Libra’s face, but otherwise I wrote that I loved every one of his sketches, which represented his first effort. Colored versions followed and took my breath away. I wrote in my email to Izak that I was transformed by his work. I wrote, “I am not sure where these girls live – probably on a heavenly puffy soft cloud – but wherever they are, I want to be there too.” There is warmth, grace, and a current, modern feel in Izak’s work that I find original and completely compelling.

Readers have written to tell us that after the year is over and they are finished with their calendars, they cut out and frame their favorite art, keeping some for themselves and giving others as gifts for their friends’ birthdays, picking up the pre-made frames and mattes in stores like Pottery Barn. I think that is such an original idea. We use thick paper and rich inks, so you can be sure there will be no bleed through, of course, so the artwork is suitable for framing.

Many readers wrote that they would like the choice of a desk planner, so this year, we made both the wall calendar and the desk planner. The desk planner has 190 pages, with each spread offering a view of a week at a glance, with my astrological descriptions on the date the aspect occurs. Of course, I use easy-to-understand terms, so you can choose the very best days for your purpose.

Order one for the office and one for home, and you will be all set. Both products have Izak’s magnificent paintings in each. Here is the link to order both the calendar and planner:


As a special feature of the Desk Planner, you can ask us to print in the planner some of your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays or other special events you want to remember.

Some readers have asked if my calendar is offered on the big bookseller sites. The answer is alas, no, because those sites want us to double the price of our calendars so that they can make their standard margins. We work on very small margins and will not sell a calendar for double. Astrology Zone and America Direct Book are the only places to buy my products.

Readers have asked if we offer free shipping, and we cannot, because we can’t afford to do so. Again, we need to keep the cost of my products reasonable. We do not mark up our postage, nor do we charge for handling. The cost is what the post office charges us, and you can go to your own post office to check how much the package would cost to send the same package from your city to New York City, where we are based. You will see, the cost is the same as we charged you.

You have also asked about my Year Ahead 2018 book, and yes, I am half done with my manuscript. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to stop and write other projects and simply write straight through. I’m working hard on it, and I will hope to have it to you very soon. It will be offered as a quality paperback and digitally on Kindle and iPad. Stay tuned!

Please keep reading my posts on Twitter and Facebook. You can check what I have posted by clicking the little white bird on my website – it will take you to all my Twitter tweets. Clicking on the Facebook icon will show you my latest posts there without having to open an account yourself.

I hope you have a very joyous month, dear reader. I am so appreciative of your enthusiastic support.