A Note From Susan Miller — August 2019

Dear Readers,

I am so happy to send you the August forecast, for it brims with happy surprises. July was an intense month for many readers, for we all were subject to two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. In comparison, August will be a breath of fresh air. Mercury is now direct, and we have one of the most beautiful new moons of 2019 on August 30 in Virgo. It will offer you an array of opportunities and many happy surprises in the last week.

Thank you so much for your gracious understanding of my eye condition. I had a bacterial infection, and my doctor had to inject my one eye with medicine. Some readers thought I was having Botox! No, no, this was medicine injected into the white of my eye. I felt miserable from it and also from the drops the doctor had to put in the eye. The medicine and drops made it impossible for me to see the screen. The eye hurt and felt like someone punched me in the eye, but happily, in two days the medicine began to work, and I was back to writing. My other eye needs more surgery, but I am putting that off for a while (my doctor agrees), so the left eye was not working either.  It was frustrating because my spirit was willing, you needed your report, and I couldn’t see.

Some friends asked me to dictate my column, but that recommendation horrified me. I would never casually dictate my column to you. I feel writers write, they do not dictate. I bought Dragon software three times, and three times threw it out. It’s not Dragon’s fault. I cannot dictate my work for you. One doctor explained to me that one part of our brain rules typing and another part of our brain rules speech (and dictation), and therein lies the answer to why I can’t dictate. You are either born with that skill or not, and it’s not a skill that is easy for me to develop. I love the feel of the keyboard and to see the words come up on the screen when I write for you.

Here’s an announcement.  I will be in Baltimore at the National Council for Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR.org) small, fun convention from August 30 to September 2.

I hope you can come to see me on Sunday, September 1, from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM to hear my 90-minute talk on The Year Ahead 2020.

Later, on the same day, September 1, from 4:15 to 5:30 PM, I will also serve on a three-person panel on Writing Astrology For Publication. Be sure to get a ticket to the Banquet too, on Sunday night at 7 PM if you come—it is always fun.

You can buy a ticket for the entire convention—beginners and casual astrology readers are welcome—or you can buy a one-day pass. To stay overnight, make your reservation at the Hyatt Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, and say you are joining the NCGR Convention because your rate per night will be at a discount of $149 a night. This convention is being held over the Labor Day weekend in the US, so I cannot think of a better way to spend it than by making new friends and listening to speakers. I have stayed at this hotel before, and it is right on the harbor, close to many good restaurants. Details about my talk can be found by going to  http://bit.ly/2KCSZG5.

Here is big news, never before offered!  If you can’t come to Baltimore at the end of August and early September to hear my talk on The Year Ahead 2020, we have a new possibility for you. The NCGR is making arrangements to allow you to do what I call Internet by Appointment—it is not an archived webinar, but rather a live stream of my talk and the talk of other speakers live as it is happening. Not only will you get to hear me, but also 15 other astrology speakers in all. In addition to me, you will hear Michael Lutin, Adam Elenbaas, Chris Brennan, Nadiya Shah, Caroline Casey, Rick Levine, and more!

You must tune in precisely when the speaker is speaking, EDT time. The cost is $249 for your ticket. It’s so new that NCGR does not have a link yet in place for you to sign up, so please write to find out more at [email protected]

I have been working on my book, The Year Ahead 2020, for weeks and have a good feel for what is coming up. I have written 11 chapters so far, one for each sign except one, and I will finish that soon. Then I will re-read everything and add little bits of information here and there. I am considering self-publishing my book, so that I will not be asked to cut any copy, as was the situation last year. You like more. You said on Twitter that you wanted even more and I know it, and you will have at least 5,000 words per sign. For now, all I am writing has to be checked and double-checked, but I will have a big book for you that you will love.

I am also working on my Year Ahead 2020 Illustrated Astrology Calendar where I am writing descriptions of all the key events of the year directly on the dates when they occur, always in easy-to-understand terms. I know you need to see the year at a glance when deciding on your biggest initiations, such as when to choose the date of your wedding, closing on a house, or starting a new job. All this information is also under Key Dates on the premium edition of my app, Daily Horoscopes Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller (for Apple and Android) that you can subscribe to for $4.99 a month. Still, if you have an initiation that will take place months in advance, I feel you need to see the entire sweep of the year, page after page.

When I go up to Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and the app company called Influenster, you see my calendars all over the walls—especially in the sales departments, where the staff wants to pinpoint their best days to make a presentation. We now have only 30 calendars left in my warehouse, so we are selling them at a 50% discount for $12.99 plus tax and shipping. We use UPS for US delivery and Fed Ex for overseas delivery, and the tracking is excellent. Check out my website if you don’t have my calendar—I always include January of the following year, so you will still have from August through January 2020 to use your calendar.

This year I am again working with the French artist Izak Zenou. You wrote and said you love his work, and I do, too. Last year we started the theme Women of the World, depicting women in cities around the world. We are continuing that popular theme and showing different cities, different women, and all ethnicities. I will self-publish my calendar again and plan to sell it only on Astrology Zone. We support small bookstores, so if you have one and would like to offer my calendar to your shoppers, please write to: [email protected]

October 12-14 (Columbus Day weekend), I am planning a special yoga and astrology retreat in Ojai, California, with Alana Zobel of the famed yoga studio AZIAM. We are speaking to the Ojai Valley Inn and other accommodations in Ojai, a beautiful town located near Los Angeles. We are hoping to have a small group, and I will do chart readings there. Soon I will have the event posted on the homepage of my site, in the same place I list Baltimore—under Appearances. In the meantime, please contact Alanna for details—[email protected]

Thank you, dear readers. As I said earlier, you will love August! There is so much to be excited about in the coming month.