A Note from Susan Miller – April 2019

Dear Readers,

As you start to read your April forecast, you will see that we have a difficult full moon on April 19. Everyone will likely notice it in different ways. Upon hearing this, before you stand on your desk with a bull horn, screaming, I knew it! I’m doomed! Wait!

While it is true that Uranus, planet of sudden, unanticipated events, will be in direct opposition to the full moon in Libra on one side of the heavens, and 180 degrees away, on the other side, Uranus will conjunct the Sun (a potentially nerve jangling aspect), I know that when there are difficult aspects, there is always a remedy—and I’ve found the perfect one!

Miraculously, good-fortune Jupiter, at 24 degrees in fire-sign Sagittarius, will be positioned to send his golden beams to both the Sun in Aries at 29 degrees and at the same time to the full moon in air-sign Libra, also at 29 degrees. This means that although you might get some sort of news that temporarily knocks you sideways, Jupiter will rush in to help you find the right solution, one that can help you turn the tables on this event and actually allow you to benefit from it. You may go from jittery to proud and happy that you handled things so well.

I want to be sure you read all that I wrote and not stop reading when you see that Uranus will be acting like the wild bad boy on a rampage, causing a ruckus. Keep reading and you will see the answer.

Also, you will see at the new moon in Aries, April 5, Saturn will press each one of us, but that does not concern me. I like Saturn. All my biggest accomplishments have happened when Saturn was speaking directly to me in hard aspect. If you step up to meet Saturn’s challenges and demands, his benefits can rival those of Jupiter and be quite terrific. Saturn will see to it that this will be quite a productive month. At this new moon, Jupiter is in favorable position too, and although his aspect will not be as mathematically close as it will be at the full moon, April 19, he will be close enough, and I feel you can bet on his benefic assistance all through the month.

As you go through the month and experience various aspects, I hope you will post your experiences on social media. I will answer your questions on Instagram and Twitter (I am @astrologyzone on both venues—look for the verified blue checkmark, as others are pretending to be me). I am also on Facebook as Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone.

I confess, I am on Twitter and Instagram more often, but we do post almost daily on Facebook too, and we read all your comments on all three platforms every day. My assistant, Courtney, knows my hands and eyes need rest from my screen, so each weekday at 4 PM we set aside time and she reads me your comments, and I dictate my answers for her to send to you. Courtney is a genius about how she gets those answers precisely right, just as I say them, with the same spirit of kindness and sympathy for you that was in my voice.

Now let’s turn to my appearances, which are about to get exciting.

On Saturday, April 27, I will be back in Los Angeles, CA, at Liberate Hollywood, 6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90028. Liberate Hollywood is having a fantastic fair with plenty of activities planned—note the description on my website. You may want to read all about it on your laptop rather than your cell phone, as it will be easier to see the large array of activities planned. They are not charging admission that day, and the fair will be from 4 to 9 PM. Local artists and vendors will be setting up in-shop, Liberate Hollywood will be offering cocktails, snacks, and mini meditations and services

During that five-hour period, I will have a table where I will be signing books and calendars, and if you buy one, you can ask me a personal question that has been on your mind lately. Check the full description under Events on my homepage of my website, or on my app, under Meet Susan on the menu.

And after 9 PM Liberate Hollywood is turning their space into a dance party! It should be a lot of fun.

Questions? Call Rebekah Muir at 323-745-0495

Now let’s turn to June! During the first week of June, I will be in Greece, in Crete, at the Daios Cove Luxury Hotel and Villa, giving a talk on the Remarkable Year Ahead 2020 and also offering one-hour private personal chart readings to guests of the hotel and visitors. My will be fee of 265 euros (about $298). All the details are in my appearances section of my website and app. By coincidence, I have just joined Vogue Greece with a monthly column, so Greece is calling, and I am happy to respond!

Coming soon will be my appearances in London in September (the date could change, but that’s the plan so far). In London, I will speak at a beautiful new wellness center on the topic, Year Ahead 2020. The following month, in October, I will go to Milan, Italy, to speak at a certain luxury hotel. These events are still shaping up now, so I will tell you more, hopefully by next month.

You might be surprised to hear that 48% of my readers are based in America, but 52% of you are based internationally, all over the world. I feel it’s time for me to venture out and meet you! When the invitations came in from Greece, England, and Italy, the offers were too exciting to pass up!

I hope I will be seeing YOU soon!

Susan Miller