Monthly News from Susan Miller — September 2022

Dear Reader,

September has so many sparkling aspects—my favorite will be the full moon in Pisces September 10, and it will be active for five days beyond the date it appears as the full moon gently wanes. When you read my September forecast, read for your Sun sign and rising sign, as we all have two charts. In each case, be sure to read about this full moon and plan to use it!

Thank you to readers from all over the world who came to my first of many “Ask Me Anything” NFT member events on Discord is a special social media platform that allows many types of communication—not only typing, but audio, film, and visuals, too. In our meetings, I use audio, and give my fingers a rest! Curious? Get the full download at or keep reading below.

Think of your NFT purchase not as buying a painting (although you are), but you will have an unrestricted license to the NFT image (not the name) for as long as you own the NFT. You are mainly acquiring your NFT as a ticket to a VIP Astrology Zone community to get access my private events designed only for NFT holders. Our first meeting was an audio event for all participants last month on I love hearing your voices. Our next event will be on Tuesday, September 13, at Noon EDT. Please get your NFT and come!

Readers who bought an NFT from my Susan Miller Stars collection ( were invited to come to this private event on Discord. We are thinking of all kinds of rewards for readers who join our community, including an event or two in real life eventually. (We need to wait until after the pandemic is fully under control.) This last meeting on on the #astrolgyzone server was a big success.

As said, we are doing another private event called Ask Me Anything (AMA) on September 13 at Noon EDT. Many readers who are based in different parts of the world asked us to keep changing the times of my talks, and we are doing that. My first talk at 8 PM brought an exciting international community of readers! We were thrilled to see that by far, most of the participants who came to that event were from countries outside the US. I would give my talks at various times to span many time zones to make coming events more convenient for everyone.

Have you actually seen my NFT “Susan Miller Stars” collection? Check my home page for a fun gif and also play the 30-second movie that will tell you a little bit about our online community. You will see more of my Susan Miller Stars collection sprinkled in your forecast, with one portrait of a man and one of a woman within the text of your forecast.

All portraits are by Izak Zenou, my favorite artist, who painted all 12,000 pieces of art (each one a unique, individual, and unduplicated NFT). Once all 12,000 pieces of art are sold (1,000 for each astrological sign, 50% of men, 50% of women), we will not do another collection. When they are sold, they will be gone. You won’t have to keep buying NFTs to be part of the Astrology Zone community—all you need is one.

Top designer fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce Gabbana (to name only three) are doing NFTs, as are athletic companies (like the NFL) and artists in the music industry. The point to remember is that when you buy an NFT (mine are $199.00 each), you are really acquiring a ticket into the Astrology Zone private community so you can have closer access to me. I love hearing your questions—I remember all that you say when I write my forecasts—and I also enjoy seeing you making friends on in our own private Astrology Zone server. You need an invitation from me to join, so check my social media on Twitter ( or @astrologyzone if you’re already on Twitter) or on Instagram and Facebook for invites that are time sensitive.

People with and without a Susan Miller Stars NFT can join, and I am in both the general chat room and the private NFT member chat room. (Go to YouTube for a quick orientation on Discord—you can check speaker Eagle Garret’s short Beginner’s Guide which I found helpful.)

When you buy one of the 12,000 NFTs (1,000 for each sign), the machine chooses the painting for you—that is so Aquarian, isn’t it? There is no rule that says the NFT has took like you. If you want to sell your painting, you can on and buy another one. On my website, when you buy your painting, you don’t have to use crypto-currency and have it automatically registered to you in the blockchain—you can use a regular credit card. On, the largest and most respected NFT marketplace, we will have our own area devoted to the Susan Miller Stars Collection of NFTs.

You can get more information on

Enjoy September, dear readers, and let me know what surprises surface in your life after the peach of a full moon arrives September 10. I want to hear your stories!