IMPORTANT NOTICE from Susan Miller

Dear Reader, 

If you have been following the news, you may know that the northeast region of the United States was hit very hard by a storm on Monday. My editor, Sherie, who lives in Maine, has been out of power for two days, and there is no clear end in sight.

There is no power in her house, no way to cook, put on lights, get reports on TV, or to recharge her laptop. She has been recharging her iPhone in her car, which is the only way we can communicate. She’s been shivering in a cold house for days. With no power for WiFi, she could not pull in the files of my last five signs, and there was no way to send them to our IT teams on the West Coast who work on my apps and to my IT team who works on my website.

Here is a newspaper story about the storm my editor is dealing with right now; she is one of the thousands out of residents dealing with this crisis.

I want my editor to be warm and near a restaurant, so I insisted I cover her expenses in a good hotel.  She found one to go to, but it is quite a distance from her home. I asked our backup editor, Edward, to help my Sherie, by reading the pieces I have written starting with Libra and Scorpio; I am working finishing up the final touches on Pisces, my last sigh, tonight. Each sign takes 7 hours to write. Sherie had finished the first six signs, Aries through Virgo, when the power went out.

Not only does Sherie edit my forecasts, she prepares the manuscripts for our IT team for Internet and cell phone posting, a technical function. She is the only one who can do this. We have never had this problem before, and it came up suddenly. We thought the power would have been back a day ago.

Please bear with us, we are trying to get the scopes up as soon as possible. The reporters on radio and TV are not giving any indication when power will be back. on in her region, but she will have electricity in her hotel.The comfort and well-being of those closest to me—staff who help me month after month, showing me fine work and great loyalty—will always be my first priority.

I hope we can get the scopes up on Wednesday at some point, but it could take a little bit longer. Please keep checking my Twitter feed, @Astrologyzone and Facebook on my account, Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, for my updates. 

Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation. I know you love getting your horoscopes, and I love to write them for you. November will be a wonderful month, much better than October ever turned out to be, I promise! You will want to read them when they are ready, for I have all good news for you!

Best wishes, 
Susan Miller