Virgo Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sometimes it works out a little differently—you want to win, and you are committed to the project, but getting the team to shape up and give it the energy you need could be hard. Or even more likely, the team may waste time by using the wrong approach, and that will necessitate a lot of backtracking and re-dos.

If you cannot launch your product or service in early September, see if you can shelve it for now until the second half of November or in December. It is never wise to start anything while Mars is retrograde because Mars is the energy planet that lifts the rocket to the moon. Mars only retrogrades every two years, making him healthy most of the time, so we often take his assistance for granted. When he is not there, we wonder, why is everything so hard? By everything, we mean competing well in the marketplace.

Consider this: When Mars is moving at normal speed, he takes two days to travel one degree. When he is getting ready to retrograde, he takes 12 days to travel one degree––and Mars is the energy planet. Later, in the middle of the retrograde, Mars does speed up a little, taking four days to go one degree, but that is half Mars’ usual rate of speed. You see why you (and the rest of us) will feel like we are walking through glue during Mars retrograde.

You will find the environment around you slowing down. You will need to backtrack and deal with VIPs who can’t seem to make a decision, leaving you in limbo. In your personal life, it is not considered a good time astrologically to start a new romantic relationship. (Mars rules sex, and that part of your relationship is likely to grow lackluster.)

To add to the frozen state that Mars retrograde will generate from September 9 to November 13, Mars’ little brother Mercury will copy Mars and go retrograde, October 13 to November 3.

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