Virgo Horoscope for November 2018

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

Tomorrow, I fly to San Diego to give my Year Ahead 2019 weekend seminar at the La Costa Resort & Spa in nearby Carlsbad, CA. I am doing a cool Yoga + Astrology 3-day weekend from November 2-4 with Alanna Zabel of AZIAM Yoga. Neptune will be trine the Sun, denoting extreme harmony and spirituality, making this the perfect weekend to recharge. This will be a calming weekend where we will set our intentions for the New Year 2019.

I will speak on Friday and Saturday evening, both talks different and very detailed, with plenty of time for Q+A. Men are invited too, of course—this would make a fabulous couples weekend.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have a sensational forecast, dear Virgo, and much of your good news won’t last a day or a week, but more than a year, so you will have plenty to celebrate and be able to take full advantage of the benefits that the planets have prepared for you. You will have opportunities to travel, to score a victory in your career, and also to spend more time with your one-and-only. There is plenty to talk about in November. To top if all off, later in the month we will experience the luckiest two days of the year, and you will want to take full advantage of them by making the right initiation. I will tell you about all these sparkling aspects in detail.

The month opens with a lovely beam from Neptune—November 2 to November 4—when Neptune will be in perfect angle to the Sun. This shimmering beam will add creativity, inspiration, compassion, reflection, and a poetic touch to a very special weekend. You can use it to become inspired by a talk or to devote your energy to a charity or person who desperately needs your care. Whatever you do, you are likely to be touched deeply by the results.

Later that week, On November 7, the new moon in Scorpio, 15 degrees, will arrive and fill your third house of communication. From this day onward, a blast of energy will come through your window, bringing phone calls, text messages, letters, contracts, meetings, and lots of conversations. If life was a little slow before this, it won’t be after the new moon arrives—you will be busy. You may be traveling too, and if so, your trip will bring pleasing results, especially after November 7.

Mercury, your ruler, is about to go retrograde on November 16 until December 6, so if you do have to sign papers, sign as soon as they are ready, before Mercury retrogrades.

There is an exception to what I just said, however, for if you have a product, service, or venture that is directed toward women, then you need to wait until next month, for Venus is also currently retrograde until November 16. (Yes, Venus ends her retrograde the same date that Mercury begins his—Mercury is such a little character. I bet he planned this to drive you and every other sign a little crazy.) Venus, aside from ruling beauty, also rules profit, especially if the profit is intended to emanate from women. Venus also embellishes, so it rules gems. Therefore, if you are in the market for diamonds, for example, buy your gift in December. I would never buy a diamond ring with Mercury retrograde, either.

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