Virgo Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

A very electric day for brainstorming ideas with someone you trust (or your entire team) would be May 8, when Mercury will conjoin Uranus! This day will bring you powerful mental energy—you may feel high-strung if you don’t channel it, so direct it in a positive, creative way.

Many Virgos are very focused on home, and if that includes you, great. You’ve waited 12 years to have aspects this spectacular for improving your living quarters, and by June, you will have a very potent full moon to crystalize your plans. You may be buying, selling, or leasing property, moving, doing contracting, or simply a thorough cleaning or paint job.

This month choose to focus on a home-related goal on May 9, one of the sweetest days of the month. Jupiter, the great, good-fortune planet, will see to it that you love the results. Close on your house on this day, choose a new roommate, buy a beautiful piece of furniture or brand-new linens, or choose a decorator and contractor to renovate your kitchen. If you love your home as it is now, you can use this energy to help a parent in a substantial way. This is one of my favorite days of the month for you.

Looking at your professional life, your career will remain a big focus for you into the first weeks of May. Mars entered your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements on March 30 and will continue to light up this area of your chart until May 15.

This is the first time in two years that you have had Mars in this part of your chart to assertively push forward on career goals, and you will find that Mars will help you draw the attention of influential people.

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