Virgo Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Alternatively, the June 21 eclipse could mark a friend’s departure. They might announce a move to a distant region where seeing each other will require more effort. They won’t be part of your everyday life as they have been for so long, and you may feel wistful and sentimental that time has marched on and now your lifestyles will be different. Your long-term friendship is entering a new phase, and that will necessarily cause you both to grow apart. There is no destiny here—if you and your friend have always been close and want to remain close, you can through video conference and email.

Another way this June 21 eclipse could play out is that a friend may not have been supportive of you, or they might have even betrayed you. In that case, a falling-out may occur. Eclipses shed a bright light on relationships, so you might view the friendship differently and with greater clarity after the eclipse. One thing seems certain: The nature of one of your friendships will change. New people will also start to enter your life, so remain open and be excited about the prospect of new associations.

The end of the month brings the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your house of truelove. This is a major aspect that arrives every 13 years. These two planets are currently retrograde, so you might be tempted to see a former lover who got away. Go ahead and speak because love is hard to find, and if you keep thinking about this person, it may mean that love is still burning in the embers. You will have to find out if your proposed sweetheart still feels that way, too. Speak to them on June 29-30. If your birthday falls on September 15, plus or minus five days, you are standing under shooting stars. Make that first move.

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