Virgo Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

One rare aspect that will be at play all through 2019 will be a collaboration between Saturn and Neptune. These planets are very different in nature. Saturn teaches the value of being serious, hardworking, and goal-oriented. We learn from Saturn that the things we are proudest of in life are those which demand the greatest concentration, determination, and sustained effort. Saturn urges you to plan for the future, to set up a structure, and to make good use of your time, for when Saturn is prominent, we often feel we are running out of time (and that motivates us to act). Saturn orbits slowly, coming by in a single sign every 29 years for a nearly three-year stay.

Neptune is very different. As the planet ruling the arts, Neptune does not like borders or boundaries like Saturn does but wants the mind to wander freely. Neptune teaches the value of daydreaming and the value of imagining a better, more satisfying life for yourself. If Saturn taps your left brain and encourages analysis, Neptune taps your right brain. As the planet of the arts, Neptune can help some express themselves artistically. Neptune takes about 168 years to orbit the Sun and stays in one sign for approximately 15 years depending on its orbit.

Saturn cooperated with Neptune earlier this year on January 31 and will again on June 18. They will meet one more time, November 8, before these two powerhouse planets shake hands and go their separate ways. They will not meet again until 2031. While they are working together, artists will benefit. Saturn will help artists to be practical, to charge a realistic fee to allow them to continue their work, and to set up a plan for the future. These two planets will stay within a significant orb all year, at least until the end of November, so don’t get too stuck on the dates I listed—this is a big feature of 2019 that you will feel like background music all year.

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