Virgo Horoscope for September 2022

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September has so many sparkling aspects—my favorite will be the full moon in Pisces September 10, and it will be active for five days beyond the date it appears as the full moon gently wanes. When you read my September forecast, read for your Sun sign and rising sign, as we all have two charts. In each case, be sure to read about this full moon and plan to use it!

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Your September Horoscope for Virgo

Your chart is very lit up, with many happy planets making preparations for your glorious, financially generous months ahead. It’s birthday time, and to help you celebrate, the mighty Sun and new moon appeared in Virgo late last month on August 27, and that new moon will be your ticket to getting onto a bright new path.

Every year we get one new moon in our own birth sign, and the one that just occurred August 27 was yours. Often, I will tell you how to use that month’s new moon for best results, but this time, at the annual new moon in your own sign of Virgo, things are different, for in this case, you get to decide what you would like to do. What dream is in your heart that you would like to advance, dear Virgo? Use the powerful energy of this new moon to take a step toward grasping that desire. Astrology is all about timing, and this is your time to take a big or little step—it’s up to you. The point is, to start to get closer to realizing your dream.

Mercury is your ruling planet and also the ruler of the new moon in Virgo, 3 degrees. That means Mercury played a big part at that new moon. Happily, Mars, the great action planet, is beautifully angled to transiting Mercury in Libra. Mars will give you determination and energy to go after what you want to achieve—you will sense this is the right time to do so. You will also receive elegant rays from transformative Pluto based in your fifth house of love, pregnancy, and children, and this area of your chart also rules your creativity. One of these areas will prove to be important to you and help you transform your life into the one you can picture in your mind.

The closer your birthday falls to August 27 (plus or minus five days), the more this new moon will speak directly to you. The same is true if you have Virgo rising or your moon in Virgo at 4 degrees, plus five or minus three degrees. Also look at your natal chart to see if you have a planet in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces from 0 to 8 degrees. If you do, that planet will go far to help you.

Let’s now look at this month’s full moon in Pisces, 18 degrees, on September 10, which will have you thinking about one special person with whom you may want to join forces. It may be that you hope to be exclusive to each other, to move in together soon, or to become engaged or married.

Your career is now on fire, and you are about to see your reputation climb to new heights. Between now and the end of March 2023 there will be no stopping you.

Or you may want to direct the energy of this partnership new moon to team up in business. You may want to hire a collaborator who will work with you in a confidential, one-on-one way, the way a lawyer, bookkeeper, or accountant would do, or in a more public way as a business partner, publicist, or agent would do, as some examples. I love this full moon because Uranus, the planet of all unanticipated events, will be in perfect angle to the Sun and bring you a wonderful surprise in regard to the partnership matter you may be considering. A friend may be involved too and be instrumental in some way to this glorious surprise.

This full moon, September 10, may crystalize your thinking about your plan for a future action. If you want to act soon, then wait until Mercury is out of retrograde—September 9 to October 2. I suggest you do so over the full moon, October 8. That is a weekend, but all full moons are influential before and after they occur (two days before and five days after).

If your birthday falls on September 10, plus or minus five days, or if your natal moon is in Virgo or you have Virgo rising at the same 18 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, this full moon will give you a double dip of luck. If you have a natal planet in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio at 18 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you will love this full moon too, as Uranus’ surprises, along with the full moon, will help you as well.

Against this exciting background, you now have active Mars in Gemini, a sign it moved into on August 20, for an unusually long stay, until March 25, 2023, a period lasting seven months. Mars usually stays in one sign six weeks, so this will feel new. For you, dear Virgo, you hit the jackpot, because you need to feel productive. You are the hardest worker of the zodiac, but sometimes people will notice this quality and take advantage of you, they figure out a way to make you take on too much of the workload. Now you will finally get credit for all you’ve accomplished and all that potential that lies before you.

Mars will spend all seven months in your house of honors, awards, and achievement—your prestigious tenth house of career advancement. If you are looking for a job, you could not wish for a better placement of Mars. Mars will give you the determination to aim for a top position, one with more responsibility than your last job. You will want to use your experience and skills for something better and where you’ll be paid more, too. Good!

There is a reason that Mars will spend so much time in Gemini. Mars will go retrograde on October 30 and remain out of phase until January 12, 2023. During that time, your progress will slow down but not end. You may reunite with a past employer who believed in you and who you enjoyed working with—there may be a chance to work together again in a different way, on a new project, with a new title for you.

Nevertheless, I will say that if you have a new, important project coming up or are planning a major business launch, do so next month, after October 2 (when Mercury goes direct) but no later than October 15 (October 10 would be better). You need to stay away from October 30, the date Mars goes retrograde. You will also need to avoid timing anything near next month’s eclipse, October 25, simply because a lot of distracting news will come up (even if the news is good news). It’s an astrological axiom that we always try to avoid timing on an eclipse if possible.

The new moon of September 25 will be in Libra 3 degrees and light your second house of salary and other income and possessions—you are likely to love the chance to earn more money. Alternatively, you may be given a beautiful, belated birthday gift from someone who clearly loves you and wants to see you happy. In a different way this might work out, you may be selling something artistic that you created and be thrilled that your work is valued and appreciated when you earn a large fee.

Romantically, this month Venus will be your best friend for she will tour Virgo for the first time this year from September 4 to September 29. Even though Mercury will be retrograde, you can get ready for the new season, just save receipts if you later want to make an exchange. Shop for new clothes on your favorite Internet sites, ask your stylist for advice on how to wear your hair, whiten your teeth, choose new makeup if you are a woman, or grow a beard if you are a guy. Make it fun, then step out. Venus will have her watchful eye on you.

Put as star on September 17 to 19 when Venus and surprise-a-minute Uranus will be in sync and Cupid and his little fleet of angels will be ready to cover you in glitter. Single or attached, this is a weekend you’ll adore—it will be full of unexpected and spontaneous fun, and possibly, enchanting romance.


Your career is now on fire, and you are about to see your reputation climb to new heights. Between now and the end of March 2023 there will be no stopping you. This is an exciting trend, brought to you by Mars in Gemini, which it entered last month on August 20 and where it will remain until March 25 of next year.

September 1 brings a lovely interplay between Jupiter and Mars, suggesting a high-profile project you spearheaded is about to trigger a tidy sum of money for you. Jupiter is in your eighth house, suggesting a onetime lump sum is on the way. It could represent a fee or bonus for work well done.

Mars will go retrograde from October 30 to January 12, so launch a new project in the early days of September. The reason to act quickly is that Mercury, your ruler, will go retrograde too, from September 9 to October 2. If you can’t act that quickly, target the time from October 7 to 10, well in advance of the retrograde turn of Mercury’s brother, Mars.

Mars is called the warrior planet who is courageous, optimistic, and fiercely competitive. Mars teaches us how to compete to win. When you have a good strong Mars, things move along as you had hoped with certain speed. When Mars is out of phase, like he will be at the end of October for 10½ long weeks, everything seems harder to accomplish. Clients take forever to make up their minds, supply chain problems may again manifest, and generally the pace will be slow. The year’s budgets may be depleted by November or December, so in that case, when the New Year 2023 arrives, budgets will again be in place. Best to launch in early September or at the full moon in October for best results.

The new moon of late last month, August 27, just prior to the start of September, was in Virgo and helped you plan for your new birthday year. What would you like to accomplish by this time next year, dear Virgo? See your life as a movie with you as the protagonist, screenwriter, and director—what would you do with your bright year ahead?

After thinking “me,” you will think “we” at the full moon of September 10 in your seventh house of business and romantic partnership, a house that usually requires a solemn commitment that is sealed with a contract. This area of your chart covers marriage too, and because this is birthday month, a surprise proposal could come up. If you are signing on a new collaborator in business, sign no contracts of any kind until early October—Mercury will be retrograde from September 9 to October 2.

Happy, unexpected developments stemming from your spouse or long-term partner (romantic or business) could easily come up because Uranus will be so friendly to the Sun and full moon at this time. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so sit back and see what happens. It is possible that the surprise entails a long overseas trip, and if so, you will be excited to go. These days, foreign people and places will be lucky for you.

Romantically, this is a good, strong month for you because Venus will grace Virgo from September 4 to September 29. Choose a new scent for autumn, a chic haircut, and new fall clothes that are starting to fill the shops and Internet sites. You can shop for wardrobe and beauty items with Mercury retrograde (September 9 to October 2) as long as you save your receipts. Keep them in an envelope that you can easily locate later should you want to make an exchange or return.

It would not be wise to buy things ruled by Mercury—electronics or machines—while Mercury is retrograde. That means you should delay buying a car, smart phone, or computer until a few days after Mercury goes direct October 2. You can still safely shop in the first days of September, but you must leave a few days space between the date you shop, and the start of Mercury retrograde on September 9.

The new moon in Libra on September 25 can bring you more money, and that has to be good news. Venus, the ruler of Libra, will be in conversation with Uranus. Uranus is all about bringing surprises, so you may be stunned by some sudden influx of cash or a valuable gift that comes your way.

It’s already clear your career is about to go well, and usually career success goes hand-in-hand with increased compensation. From your fifth house of creativity, Pluto will work with Venus, so something you created or expressed artistically may be responsible for the unexpected money that comes in. You might be selling to a foreign market, too—see how things go.

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