Virgo Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are always known to be articulate, but now, with smarty-pants Mercury in Virgo, you can mesmerize others with your moving, original style of speech or writing.

Mercury is moving direct now too, something he was not doing in July, and it took until mid-August for him to completely regulate his orbit and move swiftly again as he is now. For this reason, purchase your computer, car, smartphone, or any other electronic product or machine with moving parts now. Your ruler Mercury will retrograde again at the end of next month, and you will feel the slowdown that Mercury out of phase brings as early as ten days beforehand. Mercury will retrograde for three weeks, from October 31 until November 20.

Let’s go back to all these little planets in Virgo. As I mentioned above, when you have a crowd of little ones like this orbiting so very close in degree, that means you have what’s known as a crown of stars, and this month you are wearing that crown. That alone would be a reason to celebrate, but there is another, even bigger reason to be excited by September.

Uranus, the planet of surprise now in Taurus (another earth sign just like yours—that’s significant), will throw a huge, harmonious bolt of shimmering energy to all the little planets lined up in Virgo that will affect you in the first ten days of September. This means Uranus will bring a shot of surprise to various parts of your life, not just one—career, money, social events, romance, even how you view yourself—and you’ll see yourself in a more confident light. (Even if you were confident before, you will feel more so after this month is over.) Do you know how lucky you are?

Saturn, watching all this going on from his vantage point in your fifth house of truelove, will want to contribute a birthday gift to you too, as he watches the wild and wonderful birthday party going on in your first house of personality. Saturn is a bit borderline in terms of his position in the sky but close enough to send a comforting, stabilizing beam to the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Venus. After, all, Saturn is not going to let Uranus steal all the thunder—Saturn has mighty fine gifts to send you in early September, too.

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