Virgo Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

This November 8 eclipse seems to be associated with money—the signs of both eclipses, Scorpio and Taurus, are financial signs. You may have had interaction with the police too, as Scorpio, the sign of last month’s solar eclipse, is associated with law and order, not only with police but prosecutors and other legal matters, too. Eclipses tend to be linked together to a central theme. Eclipses continue in one family of signs (in this case Taurus and Scorpio) for about 18 to 24 months, every five months, in pairs. Think back to the last eclipse you experienced on May 15 of this year—do you recall anything that happened? The topic that came up then will be echoed again now but will shine more light on the situation—information you did not have previously.

All eclipses repeat in sign and degree every 19 years, so do you recall if anything important happened in or very close to November 9, 2003? I know, it’s hard to remember what you had for lunch yesterday, let alone something that happened 19 years ago. I simply ask in case it was a big date for you. Nothing in life is replicated exactly later, because the planets around the eclipse continue to orbit into different positions. If you can remember something, you might be able to glean a general theme that would come up again.

This would not be the best time to travel, even though your travel houses are activated. Too much might be going on around you, and you will want to be at home base.

One of your happiest days of the month will be November 20 when the Sun trines Jupiter, indicating that on this day great harmony and financial benefits can accrue to you.

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