Virgo Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s look at the full moon—this month, the full moon will also be a lunar eclipse, November 19 in Taurus, 27 degrees. This eclipse will fall in your ninth house, your other travel sector, only this time, you are likely to take a more distant trip. Uranus won’t be taunting the Sun and moon in the same way he had at the new moon on November 4. Now he will confront Mars.

Mars and Uranus will reach their exact 180-degree confrontation on November 17. These two planets will be locked in confrontation and incredibly close to each other, making this a significant aspect. This is a hot, passionate, but often angry aspect—for some, explosive—so again, do your best to keep things level and low-key.

The lunar eclipse might bring a trip within five days of November 19. Or it may bring you in touch with other relatives who come to visit you, perhaps a beloved aunt or uncle—relatives you’ve not seen in a while. Travel may be troublesome though, so if you do head out, get to the airport early, and if you’re driving, have your car checked by your mechanic, even if you think you don’t have to do so. Keeping your car in tip-top position is always a good idea.

This same ninth house that will be spotlighted by the lunar eclipse November 19 rules higher education, so you may have an important exam that you will be studying for (but only if you are in college or graduate school) and find the test to be different from what you understood it would be. As a Virgo, you can respond quickly, and because you have a near-photographic memory, you should ace this test.

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