Virgo Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


As the month begins, you may be thinking of taking a quick trip, but considering how wild and wooly the aspects will be in November, it might be best to focus your excitement and entertainment on your home—for “just us two.”

The full moon of October 31 was full of unexpected developments, but the problem is the surprises could be jarring. That full moon will be influential through November 4. While you’d love to let go a little in a new setting, you do have expenses that are running high, so it’s just as well that it’s not a good time to pack and go. Keep your health strong, and don’t drop your guard against the pandemic—Uranus opposed to the Sun at this full moon period might lower your resistance, so plan rest, too.

By the new moon November 14, you may be negotiating a contract, but with Uranus still in direct conflict with Mercury, the planet that rules agreements, both written and verbal, it would not be the time to seal the deal until you get several days after November 17.

Mercury is no long retrograde—a phase that extended from October 13 to November 3, making last month (and the first few days of November) a nightmare of missing mail, forgetfulness, misunderstandings, difficulties with computers and machines, delays, lost items, and other mishaps, of which Mercury retrograde is famously guilty. Still, Uranus opposition Mercury is a severe aspect that rules separations, not a coming together of two parties who are earnest to succeed, so mid-month is not the time to sign any important papers or to travel. (Keep a separation of days after Mercury goes direct as well.)

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