Virgo Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your creativity will be exceptionally high now and in weeks ahead, so voice your imaginative ideas without hesitation. You have Jupiter (good fortune), Saturn (self-discipline), and Pluto (regenerative powers) all working to help you from your creative fifth house. All three are in earth-sign Capricorn, another signal that you are getting cosmic support. Those three planets will be in ideal angle to your new moon on November 14. There is no doubt November will be a better month than October, and December possibly even better yet.

If you feel you must get away, consider going to a nearby mountainous location—you need not go far to get a chance to relax. If you have been dating someone you care about deeply, it might be okay to go away for a weekend drive and stay at a clean, approved bed and breakfast. Be sure the location is not listed as a coronavirus hotspot in your region. I am not saying you necessarily should travel, because you can make things fun at home, too. Actually, I would like to keep all my readers home, but lately everyone is calling me, saying that they have to see something different for a change, even for one night.

I worry about you traveling, though, because Uranus will be acting up again, ready to confront (be in opposition to) Mercury, your ruler and planet of quick, short travel. They will be within orb at the new moon of November 14 and will peak on November 17. On those days, avoid travel. Also, early in the month, bring your car in to have a checkup, including the tires, and make sure your car is in fine condition.

Due to Uranus’ opposition to Mercury, watch the words you use to communicate—words matter, and people you are speaking to might take things more than one way. You might not mean to offend anyone, but it could happen anyway, much to your chagrin. Uranus is quite a terror this month, so just be deliberate about the way you transmit your thoughts. That goes double for social media—that’s one place things could really become enflamed, quite innocently on your part if you aren’t paying attention.

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