Virgo Horoscope for May 2023

Your May Horoscope for Virgo

Eclipses give an urgency to do something quickly, but you can often delay for a few days before offering an answer. It would be a disaster to sign papers at an eclipse like the one on May 5, plus or minus one week. This eclipse has a separating, pulling apart quality where people will leave a romantic relationship or a friendship, or you might move on from your present job or even the city where you live. Eclipses look for weak links and will enforce an end to any situation or relationship that it deems of no future benefit. If something has run its course, the eclipse will end it.

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Always leave a space of days after Mercury goes direct before you resume your normal activities. All retrograde planets are at their worst behavior at the start and end of the retrograde period. On these “bookend dates,” as I call them, you will not get the positive result you imagine—waiting just a few days after the retrograde is over will more likely give you the success you hope to achieve.

Turning to Mars now, the red planet has been in your friendship house since March 25, so you’ve no doubt gotten to see friends more frequently than you did during the first months of the year. This lovely social emphasis will last until May 20. I did mention that one friend may give you pause and be troublesome at the May 5 full moon eclipse, but overall, you seem to have a vibrant social life.

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