Virgo Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Virgo

Aries, the place where Jupiter will be, is tied closely to business and entrepreneurial enterprise. You may be starting your own business, or if you already have your shop, you may come out with a new product or service now. Aries is also tied to athletic competition, so you may be training for a match. Aries is associated with the military too, and if you are in the service, you are likely to do well.

Mars is traveling with Jupiter, and that tells me that you will be quite motivated to find new sources of income. It’s rare for Mars to orbit with Jupiter when both are in Aries—the last time that happened was in May 2011, and before that June 1975. The next time Mars will travel with Jupiter, after this month, will be April 12, 2058. As you see, this is rare!

What’s so special about the coming conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries on May 29, 2022? Mars is the planet that teaches us to strive to be the best we can be. It is the competitive action planet. Jupiter is the planet that is strongly tied to financial success, and it is known to expand everything it touches. Simply said, Mars conjunct Jupiter, which will happen on May 29, means actions tend to lead to profits.

I know Mercury will still be retrograde on May 29 (and beyond), but it’s fine to talk and map out plans—just don’t make a final commitment until after June 3. May 29 is a Sunday, so use the days leading up to this sterling day, Thursday, May 26, or Friday, May 27, as the aspect builds. I like Friday the best for you as the transiting moon will be in compatible Taurus.

In your case, Mars will be in your eighth house of other people’s money (the kind of money I just outlined for you above), and Jupiter will be in orbit with Mars in the same house. People always say, “Oh, should I buy a lotto ticket or go gambling?” I am always disappointed when someone asks me that question. No, I don’t suggest that. In all astrological aspects, you must make a genuine effort to show the universe your intent. That is how to make the aspect work for you. I see you are quite motivated to make money this month because you seem to have higher than usual expenses this month. No matter, Jupiter will protect you.

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