Virgo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

by Susan Miller

You’ve been spending more money than usual lately, but that should start to abate once Mars enters Taurus on June 8. At that point, you may be getting ready to travel to an exciting destination. No doubt, you will enjoy being in a new setting, even if simply traveling for work. (If you are sent to a foreign city for work, add more time at the end to allow for exploration over the weekend, and pay for the extra days yourself.) There is a strong chance that you will need your passport to go on those trips—foreign countries will beckon.

The full moon on June 21 will be in the divine-for-you sign of Capricorn, and will light up your fifth house of love, romance, relaxation, sports, and fun. Also included in this area of your chart are matters of pregnancy, birth, and care for children. You may take another trip—this time, go with your spouse or sweetheart. If you have small children, you might ask your mother to babysit so that this trip can be a romantic getaway for the two of you.

Mars is in your travel house, beaming shimmering vibrations to both the Sun and full moon, so a quick trip, complete with pampering, will be a perfect idea. With your career about to go into overdrive, take any chance you get to flee town in your free time in June, and devote yourself to having fun. As the year progresses, travel for pleasure won’t be quite as possible as it is now.

Also at this time, a creative project may be awarded to you. You’ll be excited and happy to work on something this imaginative and to freely apply your own stamp of individuality and stylishness. The full moon in Capricorn June 21 may bring you this project, or you may find yourself finishing it up around this time. Either way, you will be singing a happy tune.

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