Virgo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

by Susan Miller

Both Jupiter and Pluto are outer planets that move along our solar system like little turtles, very slowly. So when these two are together, they are considered a “signature of success.” Best of all, Jupiter and Pluto will be within significant mathematical closeness during the first three weeks of June. This is a great indicator of prosperity, and the way astrology works best is to go out and look for business when you have such golden aspects, like in June. Doors will open for you, dear Virgo.

June 4 is the other day I would like you to circle on your calendar, for that is the day Mercury will conjoin good-fortune Jupiter for the only time this year—in your house of career. This is a fine day to sign a contract, have an interview (you’ll be super articulate), negotiate any situation, hand in an important manuscript, give a speech, judge a contest, take a trip for business or pleasure, or shop for something special.

Last month seems to have been an expensive month due to Mars’ tour of your eighth house, and you may have racked up expenses on your credit card. Fortunately, this heavy spending will tone down once you reach June 8, and Mars leaves this thorny place.

Now let’s look at the full moon of June 21, which also will dazzle! This will be the first of two full moons in a row, exactly one month apart, that appear in the same sign and part of your chart—both will light your fifth house of true love. In addition to romance, this house rules your imagination and creativity, pregnancy, birth, and the care of children. Something involving one of these topics is coming to fullness within four days of June 21.

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