Virgo Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

by Susan Miller

This new moon does have one planetary detractor, and that’s Saturn in Pisces, based in your partnership sector. With Saturn in hard (square) angle to the transiting Sun, you will have to work hard if you accept one of the proposals presented to you in the days and weeks that follow the new moon on June 6. Of all the signs, Virgo is rarely ever put off by the prospect of having to burn the midnight oil—you are one of the most industrious of all signs. The need to use each day as productively as possible is the hallmark of your personality.

Alternatively, you might be distracted and feel off balance due to a difficult relationship with your spouse or long-term sweetheart. It is also possible that a business partner, agent, or expert you had hired is not seeing eye to eye with you and is causing you distress. If Saturn is pressing on you in this way, the new job you will be offered will go a long way to validate how well you’ve been doing professionally and give you a moral boost. From now on, give your career your main attention because that is where the golden nuggets are found.

This year, transiting Saturn is currently opposed to your natal Virgo Sun—if your birthday falls within four days of September 7, you are likely feeling the strain. Sometimes health suffers when Saturn is in this position. Ask your doctor for a blood test to see if you are getting sufficient calcium—Saturn opposition your Sun tends to siphon calcium levels. Also visit your dentist more often to check on the condition of your teeth.

Additionally, pay attention to your skin, bones, joints, and especially knees. Finally, with transiting Saturn opposing your natal Virgo Sun, if you have any pain or unusual concern about your gut, see a gastroenterologist (specialist in intestine disorders) because this is often a weak point of the body for Virgo—it is the place tension goes first. Chances are you are fine, but I did want to flag these areas in your health for you to pay attention to.

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