Virgo Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Virgo

You have an exciting chart with lots of career activity bubbling up, the ability to spontaneously travel over a long weekend, and quality time to spend on your home and family, too. In many ways, your chart is enviable for you have plenty going in both your public and private areas of your life. Additionally, your ruling planet, Mercury, is about to turn direct on June 3, having been retrograding since May 10. If you felt you met a number of roadblocks and delays last month, those are about to vanish almost instantly once Mercury normalizes his orbit on June 3.

The new moon of May 30 in Gemini, 9 degrees, lit your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. It was a gorgeous new moon as both Jupiter and Mars supported this new moon wholeheartedly, making this is the best new moon of 2022 for you to locate a prestigious new position or get a promotion. A new moon opens a portal of energy that lasts for weeks or months, so it behooves you, if you’re considering a change, to look through listings and to get in touch with a headhunter after June 3.

If you are self-employed, you may be working with new clients whose support will elevate your career reputation through association—clients who will also pay you well. With that new moon in the sign of Gemini—a sign that ancient astrologers called a double-bodied sign—you may get two offers, and you might have to choose between them. If you are self-employed, you might be able to take two projects, one from each new client. The first week of June, after June 3, would be a good time to launch an advertising, publicity, or social media campaign to build awareness of your recent work.

Occupations that stand out as possibilities for you will put special emphasis on your expertise in the communication arts. If you are adept at writing, editing, computer coding, or public speaking, being a spokesperson or specialist in marketing, public relations, library science, journalism, or sales, or are knowledgeable about the newest aspects of the digital world, make it a point to underscore your talents in one or more of the areas listed during a new job interview. Gemini also rules transportation, the post office, shipping, couriers, and express mail. It is possible that your new position will tap your expertise in one of these areas.

This new moon of May 30 and the calls and developments that follow this month could point to a much bigger emphasis on communication once Mars goes into Gemini on August 20, to stay until March 25, 2023. Mars usually stays in a sign for six weeks, not seven months, so this is a trend that is worth noting. Mars will be strongly lighting the very portion of your chart that this new moon lit. Watch what comes up this month—it might be very telling about what is forming over the horizon in the latter part of 2022, to gain in intensity soon.

For now, Mars is circulating in your eighth house of other people’s money, a place that Mars started to emphasize on May 24, to stay until July 5. Mars has been raising your expenses, and it is quite possible that you knew certain large payments were about to come due in late May or June. In another instance, you might not have shopped lately and suddenly realize you need to buy things. Or the high price of gas and groceries may have made a sharp dent into the cash you have for discretionary spending. Regardless of the reason, your higher than usual spending will simmer down once you get to July 5.

Earlier in the month, you were smart to focus on your career and look behind every palm tree, behind every bush, and under every rock to find opportunities. Once you get to the full moon of June 14, you will divert your attention to your home or certain members of your family. Full moons bring matters to an end or culmination within five days of their appearance.

You will be getting hints this month that new career opportunities are on the horizon, whether you work for others or for yourself.

The full moon on June 14 will occur in Sagittarius, 23 degrees, and light your fourth house of home. Something is reaching an apex point, and you will need to pay attention. Neptune will be in hard angle to the full moon, so you may have problems with water—a flood, tainted drinking water, heavy ice and snow on the roof (if you live in Southern Hemisphere)—or discover you have a leaky roof. You could discover mold or any number of problems with water—or lack of it.

Alternatively, Neptune could confuse or obfuscate information when you buy or rent a house, condo, or apartment. (If the seller does not tell you the truth, in the US and other countries, that is against the law but may happen nevertheless.) Neptune is based in your partnership sector, which rules your real estate broker, the seller or buyer in this situation, your architect, decorator, and landscapist, as well as your spouse or live-in sweetheart. Make sure your partner is on board with your plans.

This seventh house also rules the person who you are negotiating with to buy your house or vice versa, the person you will negotiate to sell you property. While it’s possible you won’t be told about some things that need to be fixed before the closing, it’s just as possible that you would have certain assumptions that you don’t discuss with them because “it goes without saying….” You need to know the truth about your expectations—bring them up, and ask a lot of questions.

If you are buying or renting property where hurricanes and tornedos have been known to hit, if I were you, with Neptune going rogue, I would do research about how often that happens and how devastating the results have been in that region in the past. Moving into a sturdy brick or stone house with a sturdy foundation that offers a “safe cellar” would be a good idea.

I remember seeing real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran on TV giving this advice: When considering a move into a new neighborhood, she recommended, at breakfast time, visit the town’s popular luncheonette or coffee shop. Talk to the local people—ask questions about what is special about living in this location, and ask the locals what they wish they could change. Barbara Corcoran’s advice sounds good to me. It is one way of coping with a hard glance from Neptune.

There are three positive astrological aspects associated with this full moon of June 14, so let’s study those. These following aspects won’t affect your home life but rather your career.

On June 14, Jupiter and Mercury will be moving toward a lovely sextile (meaning opportunity) aspect on June 20, yet by the full moon they will be close enough. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is your guardian, your ruling planet, and it also rules your prestigious tenth house of professional advancement. Mercury is currently BASED in your tenth house, your prestigious career sector, and Jupiter is in your financial eighth house of commissions, royalties, bonuses, and benefits, like a good health insurance policy or, if self-employed, a business line of credit or business loan, which may be approved, or you may receive an infusion of venture capital. These are simply a few examples of how you might benefit.

Even though this is a full moon in your home sector, it is very possible to hear good news about your career on or near June 14. I say that for two reasons—this aspect links your career and money houses. There is another reason. Often energy in one house will zing energy directly across the sky to the opposite house on the horoscope, 180 degrees away—that’s your prestigious career house. So, you can hear good news about both areas of your life—home and career—at the June 14 full moon.

The other comforting aspect that will coincide with this full moon is that the support of Saturn is in heavenly, harmonious angle to the Sun—in the same tenth house of career. Saturn is in your sixth house of work-a-day matters. This aspect will link your recent projects to the mounting industry admiration and respect you are garnering from higher-ups and peers alike.

I should add that while Saturn is in a positive angle to the Sun on June 14, Saturn will also beam a lovely aspect to the full moon in your home and family sector. It may be that your growing mastery over your specialty will allow you to advance to a new level of salary, benefits, and other compensation and allow you to enjoy a higher standard of living at home.

Of course, it’s always possible that the full moon will present a culmination to one matter having nothing to do with your career, but will also bring good news about your home. In this case, you may be able to come to a conclusion for an elderly parent, such as to find an aid to live with your mother, or you may find an assisted living facility for your father that you both like and that is located nearby, which will allow you and other family members to frequently visit your parent. It may be that a member of your family, such as your sister, will have a baby, and that wonderful event will bring the entire family together to celebrate the advent of this tiny new life.

If you want to take a trip, I suggest you go in July or the first three weeks of August when it will be easiest to get away and when you will have the most fun. After August 20, your career is about to light up with opportunity in multiple ways you’ve rarely seen, and the pace will be strong all the way through March 2023.

If you had your heart set on flying out of town for a quick getaway in June, you might spontaneously choose to go over the weekend of June 11-12, and if you can, add June 10. At that time, Venus, the planet of fun, and Uranus, the planet of surprise and impulse, will conjoin—and off you go—that would be a great weekend to be out of town. Virgos of every birthday will have something to cheer about that weekend, and if you were born on September 9, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dose of happiness.

Believe it or not, you will have another new moon this month, and it’s due June 28 in Cancer, 9 degrees. All new moons open opportunity, and this one will fall in your sector of fun, pure joy, and happiness (eleventh house). After having had a list of serious decisions to make about career and home or family life, you need to relax and catch your breath. This new moon will take good care of you.

A new moon in Cancer will usually open up time to spend with your family. If you have children, you may want to plan a special surprise for them. If you feel you’ve neglected your mother, father, or certain relatives, you will make time for them in July, thanks to this lovely new moon. In fact, this new moon seems to include friends too, so you may mix family with friends, and if so, all will blend together smoothly and in an interesting way.

Does your birthday fall within five days of August 30? You will get a double dip of pleasure. The same is true if you have your natal moon in Virgo or have Virgo rising, each within five degrees of 7 degrees. Do you have a natal planet in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces? If so, that planet will light up and work hard to bring you special opportunities.


You will be getting hints this month that new career opportunities are on the horizon, and that’s true whether you work for others or work for yourself in your own company. You are in a position now to enter a period of unprecedented professional growth, thanks first to the new moon that just appeared on May 30, and your career outlook will be fueled further when Mars enters your tenth house of fame and honors on August 20 for a seven-month stay.

The new moon of May 30 last month set off this trend, so watch the kinds of discussions and offers you start to get during the first half of June—they may point to the direction of future growth happening later this year. Jupiter and Mars both supported that new moon—they made it a new moon dripping in golden opportunities. That new moon in Gemini of May 30 may bring an offer in the communications or travel profession—and at the same time offer you a way to generously boost your income.

Speaking of money, you likely had to write a lot of checks lately, for beginning on May 24, you had Mars going through your eighth house of other people’s money. You may have had to pay taxes, pay a student loan, or send a large payment to a credit card company, as some examples. Fortunately, this drain on your bank account will end when Mars moves to Taurus on July 5.

Jupiter just recently entered this same sector of other people’s money on May 10 and is just getting ready to show you his powers. When you fear your bank account is getting too low too quickly, be of good cheer. Your outlook for making generous money in 2022 and early 2023 is excellent and has never been better—you are likely to make the most you’ve seen in a decade, or maybe over the course of your life

At the very start of June, Mars will be orbiting close to Jupiter—decisive actions you take in early June will likely lead to profits. Be mindful, however, that you ruler Mercury will be retrograde as you enter the month, a holdover from May 10. Mercury will go direct June 3, so wait a few days until after that date to take action.

Your mind will be on family, your home, or other property you own or rent at the full moon June 14. Watch the five days that follow this date. This full moon will bring golden vibrations from Jupiter in your house of other people’s money to Mercury, your ruler, which is currently based in your tenth house of career. It seems that your rising status at work might allow you to improve your standard of living, most notably in regard to your residence, either by moving to new, more spacious quarters, or by renovating your home. Alternatively, you may purchase or rent a vacation home or buy new furniture. Something related to these matters is coming to culmination within five days of this full moon June 14.

It is alternatively possible that you will make a trip to visit your parents, which would be fun to do, or you may come to a decision on behalf of one or both of your parents. Saturn will be in perfect angle to the Sun and full moon and will see to it that your actions add to your and your family’s sense of security in the years ahead. Only one planet at the time of this full moon, June 14, could spoil the pudding. That would be Neptune, bent on adding confusion, so if you are taking a big step and are to agree to terms, make sure you have great legal counsel to advise you about clauses that should be discussed. Alternatively, you might have difficulties with water, or the lack of it—stay alert.

One weekend that would be great fun to get away would be June 11-12, and include Friday, June 10, if you can take a vacation day. Venus will conjoin Uranus on June 11, bringing bushes of surprises and happy times for you.

When Mercury and Jupiter are in sync on June 20-21, you may get very good financial news. You might complete a negotiation about your benefits package for a new job, or ask for and get an improved set of benefits at your present job now that you are rising up the ranks.

This is a busy month for another new moon will appear on June 28 in Cancer and will bring you a flurry of social events, such as a celebratory party that a friend will organize and invite you to attend—be sure to go. You might mix friends and family at this event, and if so, they will blend beautifully.

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