Virgo Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There will be adjustments necessary to your career plan or new venture, which may be evident from Mercury’s current retrograde orbit, but keep in mind that delays will benefit you. This is not a time to rush, but rather to hang back and assess your assumptions and expectations. You will have all the time you need to make tweaks to your plan and polish the details.

Mercury will go direct on June 22. Allow a space of days after that date as Mercury requires time to regulate his orbit. Don’t make any binding promises during Mercury retrograde or buy expensive electronics. Wait—you will be glad you did. You have a spectacular chart, so I doubt anything can stop your progress—the aspects you have are big ones and will help you.

For example, Saturn will be in elegant angle to the Sun and new moon solar eclipse, which will be a wonderful advantage for you. Your work will likely be recognized in the aggregate, that is, the entire sweep of your performance over the past several years. Saturn is in your sixth house, suggesting that a recent project you did was well received and elevated you to a VIP’s short list of “stars in the making.”

Romantically, your best time of June will be while Mars is in Cancer, remaining in that compatible sign until June 10. You’ll have other help from Venus in Cancer too, from June 2 to June 26. In Cancer, Venus and Mars will tour your eleventh house of fun and friends. This same house also rules your greatest dreams and desires, and with Venus and Mars there, if love is a deeply held wish, you may have a fateful first meeting. If you are attached, your natural charm will be a powerful magnet to your partner, so get ready to welcome all the attention you have craved.

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