Virgo Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You may hear good news from a friend on July 5, when Uranus will contact the Sun in your eleventh house of friendships. This house also rules groups and your community (including on social media). Uranus will be on his best behavior and send you good news—something that will make you happy on July 5.

The new moon on July 9 in Cancer, 18 degrees, will enliven your social life, and you might travel to see friends quite spontaneously. I say this because the new moon will fall in your eleventh house of friends, fun, and leisure, and Uranus is currently in your ninth house of distant travel. In the days that follow this new moon, Uranus will add a spicy surprise from his perch in Taurus, a compatible place for Uranus to be for you.

In addition to travel, your ninth house rules other topics, and one of these areas may suddenly light up with good news. This area of your chart also covers foreign people and places, international relationships, academic pursuits, legal matters, publishing, and broadcasting, or alternatively, publicity for you in the media. News should come up regarding one of these areas. You will like the news—it will be completely unexpected and thrill you.

Turning to another sparkling aspect, circle July 12 on your calendar, for this is when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will reach out to Mercury, making this a sensational day for you. Mercury rules travel and is your ruler, so July 12 would be a great day to travel in order to see a client or sign a contract.

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