Virgo Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will likely receive a welcome surprise early in the month, for Uranus will beam your friendship sector, so you might travel with a friend or visit a friend. Or, you may take college courses in July and August and make a new friend in one of your classes.

By July 16, an emotional full moon lunar eclipse will ask you to make a decision about the person you are dating or whether or not to have a baby. If you have children, you may now want to do something special for them. With Saturn in your fifth house, love has become serious and contemplative. You seem aware you will soon be taking a big step, but even so, this does not seem to frighten you. All indications point to the start  of a significant new chapter in your personal life. Venus will oppose Saturn, so you are not about to veer away from hard work. In fact, you say, bring it on. Money seems to concern you, but your outlook is far brighter than you might suppose. By year’s end, your impressive financial picture will start to become crystal clear—financial abundance is on the way.

You may be planning to invest in real estate, by either buying a new piece of property or renovating property you have now, because the planets in Leo at the new moon on July 31 will be beaming to Jupiter in your home sector. Your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde all month but will turn direct on July 31. Leave a space of many days after Mercury goes direct before signing papers or closing on a house. Spend time doing research in July, but make no final decisions about real estate or anything else until next month. Your best days to close on a house next month would be August 8 or August 21.

This will be a strenuous month for most people, so once you reach the month’s end, planets will migrate into your hidden twelfth house and planets here are perfect for doing deep thinking. As you ease into August, it will be time to rest, take a breath, and plan for September and beyond.

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