Virgo Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Virgo

Remarkably, when Mars is finished with its tour in Sagittarius, it will enter Capricorn, the same area of your chart that is being lit by the new moon on January 2. Mars will enter Capricorn on January 24 and stay until March 6. You are entering two full months of romance, and the new moon this month will affect you for six months or more, so you have plenty to look forward to.

A major social event is likely to come up and keep the holiday spirit going on the full moon January 17, minus two days or plus five days. This suggests the event may occur over the lovely weekend of January 15-16, or as late as Friday, January 22. The full moon will be in Cancer, 28 degrees, and light your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. This should be a dazzling full moon.

On this full moon of January 17, Uranus will be active again and this time will send a golden beam to Venus. Venus rules your distant travel sector as well as your home, and one of these areas might light up with unexpected news—all of it thrilling. More importantly, Venus may rule those two areas of life in the solar Virgo chart, but graceful love-planet Venus will be posited in your fifth house of true love throughout January until March 6.

This is the same amount of time that Mars will spend in Capricorn. This is remarkable because Venus and Mars are known as the cosmic lovers who adore being together, but rarely can be as they have very different orbits. While Venus will be retrograde this month until January 29, you’ll have all of February to enjoy love. Single Virgos will have the ideal time to meet someone very special until Mars leaves Capricorn on March 6.

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