Virgo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Virgo

Uranus is the predominant planet at this time, and he will challenge the Sun and new moon, so you will need to attend to an unexpected development that will arrive out of the blue. This could stem from a legal matter, possibly one emanating from a foreign client, or involve upcoming international travel. It might, alternativity, involve a publishing or broadcasting project, or it could have to do with your pursuit of higher education at a university.

Whatever happens will almost surely be a shock to you when it arrives, but stay calm because Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will send a supportive beam to your ruler Mercury at the same time. This suggests your communication skills, innate flexibility, and adaptability when obstacles come up will ultimately save the day. You are a mutable sign, known to be able to turn on a dime instantly if necessary, and you often remain serene while others are losing their cool. That quality allows you to think through sudden challenges.

The enchanting love connections you may have experienced in January will continue and may even expand in February, much to your delight. As you enter the month, you have Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, both in the perfect sign and place—Capricorn. Both planets are orbiting closely in your fifth house of true love, a holdover from January, and will remain in your truelove sector until February 13.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, if you are dating seriously or happily married, you will likely feel loved and deeply appreciated. The transiting moon will be in Taurus, a fellow earth sign, and remarkably will also conjoin with happiness planet Jupiter—both supportive of your Virgo Sun. You might decide to take an exciting trip with your one-and-only. How about spending several memorable nights in Paris?

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