Virgo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Virgo

A big moment of the month will be February 24 when the full moon arrives in Virgo, 5 degrees. Allow five days from this appearance to see something dearly important to you reach culmination and closure.

Saturn will be conjunct the Sun on February 24, and you will be in a serious mode, for Saturn urges us to be realistic, practical, and if possible, unemotional. It appears the matter pertains to a partner you have in love (such as your spouse or steady sweetheart) or business (such as a business partner, agent, publicist, accountant, lawyer, or bookkeeper). Jupiter is in your ninth house—the same area that may have brought you some tension earlier—and will be in fine position to that full moon. As the planet of good fortune, Jupiter will rush in to help by bringing you a friend who understands your concerns and values and can offer good advice at this time. Obstacles seem to be resolving to your satisfaction, and for that you have Jupiter to thank.

Virgos born on August 27, plus or minus four days, will notice the full moon’s message most directly. The same is true if you have Virgo rising at 5 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.


January was a lyrical month for social fun and possible romance, too. Now in February, work is mounting on your desk, and you will need to use all your innate organizational skills to get it all done. You will notice this trend in the days and weeks that follow the new moon in Aquarius on February 9.

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