Virgo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Virgo

Whether a work assignment or health matter comes up, keep in mind you are fortunate that Jupiter will send a direct, supportive beam to your ruler Mercury. That will be significant, and a great protection that can lift your spirits and keep you feeling optimistic.

Turning to matters of romance, Valentine’s Day happens on Wednesday, February 14. Happily for you, the transiting moon will be in Taurus, a perfect sign for the fast-moving moon to be in, for Taurus is an earth sign like yours. Best of all, Jupiter will be conjunct the moon that day, suggesting that you will be enjoying a touch of luxury, possibly far from home. If your sweetheart wants to surprise you with a quick trip to a foreign country (going just over the border to another nation would count), by all means, agree to do it. You could use the change, and besides, being in a new setting for a few days will allow you both to concentrate exclusively on each other. Wonderful!

On the same day, February 14, Mars will align directly with Pluto in your house of ongoing assignments. This is a hot aspect that can bring frustrations to the surface. A member of your team may drop the ball, which could cause project delays while the rest of the team fixes the error. Or a client may not like the creative direction the project has taken. If so, it would be wise to sit down and go through the project to make any necessary changes and ensure you are on the same page as your client.

If you do travel, it will be imperative that you designate someone you trust—someone with experience—to fill your place and make decisions and corrections in your absence. If you can’t think of anyone capable of doing that, you may have to remain at work to oversee everything. In that case, on Valentine’s Day find a way to celebrate your love for your partner over a fabulous, luxurious dinner, and promise each other to travel together later—I suggest the incredibly special month of May—when it will be easier to leave the office.

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