Virgo Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Virgo

Planets in Aquarius also suggest that you will be working on something very new, such as studying or doing research on finding a new medical or scientific breakthrough or working to create high tech hardware or software. This could be a project that has something to do with the Internet or the digital world. You may be focusing your attention on developing a kind of robot or artificial intelligence, or you may be instrumental in fashioning a new consumer device that will be hailed as revolutionary. Aquarius is the pathfinder to the future, and with so many planets in that sign, I feel you will be learning and experimenting in a new area. Aquarius also rules all areas of life whose functions are little understood, such as black holes, worm holes—and the topic of astrology.

There is a problem, however, in that Uranus in Taurus will directly challenge (in a 90-degree square) the gentle new moon and Sun. Uranus will do this from his position in your ninth house of foreign people and places, institutions of higher learning, the legal system and the courts, and publishing and broadcasting companies. One of these areas could now be a source of sudden, unexpected tension, with news that seems to come out of nowhere. This new moon is not an easy one, and being a new moon (rather than a full moon), it could take weeks or months to fully fix whatever comes up.

In addition to being your work-a-day house, your sixth house of Aquarius also pertains to health. To explain, the first house of the horoscope reflects your vitality. By contrast, the sixth house reflects the measures you adopt to prevent or counteract illness, such as getting enough sleep, eating fewer processed foods, or exercising each day. As a Virgo you are known to care quite a bit about health matters and make it a point to always get the nutrition you need, among other good habits. The fact that you are always kind to your body will help you this month. So if anything should suddenly seem off, see a doctor—it may be nothing, but at least you will have checked it out quickly.

On Valentine’s Day, if you are dating seriously or happily married, you might decide to take an exciting trip with your one-and-only. How about spending several memorable nights in Paris?

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